Is there a way to pinpoint reason for PC crashes?

  Ascherit 17:10 22 Apr 2018

Im playing this MMORPG, Black desert Online, its quite heavy on the graphics side, i've been playing for more than 100 days now but just recently started encountering problems. Im not sure if its a software or hardware related issue but im inclined that it is the latter one. This is because, i can run the game smoothly with my relatively inferior spec laptop however i wouldn't want to rule out a software issue because the crashing problem of my PC only triggered last patch update of the game.

Anyway, I can play the game but at some point it would force restart my PC. I monitor how my PC performs, CPU and RAM usage are both at 30-40% my GPU is 20-30%, i saw the temperature go up until 50%, i ran a 1070ti, i7 7700k and a 16gb ram. What puzzles me is that, everything is at normal in terms of usage and temperature but somehow it would freeze and force restart my PC... I can't pinpoint the reason for the crashing.

Can someone please help enlighten me and save me from this plight!? LOL


  Ascherit 17:22 22 Apr 2018

50 degrees on GPU is a cool temperature right? at rest my GPU temp is at 36, when i run programs it can go up to 40, the highest i saw it reached was 50. at 40+ the fan is still not functioning but thats normal right?

  VirtualDreamer 11:01 24 Apr 2018

Hi, I can think of two things. First, it is possible that a new Windows update clashes with your video driver. I believe, this may actually cause these symptoms. So I would make sure I have the latest Windows updates installed and check if your graphics card has a new update, too.

Second, it is always a possibility that malware infections are operating in the background. So make sure that your system is completely clean.

Finally, I just had this thought that your system might be set to shut down if certain power management settings or conditions are met. So I would check those settings too, just in case. I hope these can help you resolve this annoying issue.

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