Is There a Way of

  Ritchbee 13:30 06 Mar 2006

finding out whether any of the latest Graphics cards are compatable with my present motherboard.

Is there a tool/site were you can find out.

I have an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe

click here

Many thanks

  kiddgame2000 13:39 06 Mar 2006

And AGP card will do the job, ive just checked its definatly an AGP board.

  spuds 13:41 06 Mar 2006

Crucial have a system scanner that give certain recommendations for graphic cards and motherboard compatibility. When it comes up with a result, check places like Ebuyer or Novatech for better prices, on the same product . Not sure whether this is the correct link, but you could try it click here

  Stuartli 13:42 06 Mar 2006

You may also have to upgrade your PSU depending on the graphics card's power requirements.

  Totally-braindead 13:43 06 Mar 2006

Yes any AGP card will do. The only thing that may concern you is if your power supply is up to it. If you buy a reasonably powered graphics card it will probably require a power connector as well as the power it can get from the AGP slot. Apart from that concern any AGP card will work fine.

  spuds 13:45 06 Mar 2006

Found the link,try this click here

  Ritchbee 13:58 06 Mar 2006

I do some checking out later about some of the points you've raised and let you know the results as I may need some further advice !.

  keef66 15:38 06 Mar 2006

Bear in mind the crucial advisor will restrict it's advice to ATI products.

Buying an up to the minute graphics card may require a bios update for the motherboard.


  Ritchbee 22:45 06 Mar 2006

Ok, these are my results after using the Crucial scanner (Thanks Spud). Any Opinions as I'm sure there are better cards than the ones listed.

AGP Graphics Card
Based on the scan of your system configuration, these AGP Graphics Cards are compatible with your system.

The Crucial RADEON X700 256MB AGP
Fast, powerful response for a full-steam digital video and 3-D gaming experience in AGP systems £86.99 ex. VAT
£102.21 inc. VAT*

The Crucial RADEON X800 GTO 256MB AGP
Extreme data rates with smooth, responsive 3-D gaming performance and movie-quality visual realism £136.99 ex. VAT
£160.96 inc. VAT*

The Crucial RADEON 9250 128MB AGP
Boosts performance for standard graphics and multimedia tasks without breaking the budget. £25.99 ex. VAT
£30.54 inc. VAT*

The Crucial RADEON 9600SE 128MB
Cinematic graphics for light gaming on a budget. £40.99 ex. VAT
£48.16 inc. VAT*

Looking now at upgrading my Motherboard ?.

  keef66 10:07 07 Mar 2006

and on the specs of the rest of your system. there's no point in putting a £400 graphics card in a pc if one of the other components bottlenecks it.

the x800gto the Crucial scanner suggested for you is a pretty good option unless you're wanting to play the very latest games with all the details and lighting effects on max. You can get one for less than £160 though (Low or Ebuyer for instance) Nvidia alternatives are the 6600gt or 6800. (£110 and £140 resp.)

Let us know about the rest of your system and what you need it to do. A mobo upgrade may require you to replace the CPU and memory.

  sicknote 10:58 07 Mar 2006

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