Is there a synchronizer like PsiWin but for PCs?

  wint 11:38 15 Mar 2003

Good morning.

This question comes up regularly but this may be a new way of asking.

Is there a programme similar to PsiWin Synchronizer but for PC to PC?

I want to synchronize Outlook e-mail between my desktop and laptop. Not necessarily all the folders, just 3 of 'em and contacts. With my Psion 5 I just hit "synchronize" and it happens.

Desktop = XP home & laptop = Win 2000.

I can't find any software which will do it - probably not looking in the right places.

Laplink doesn't appear to do this.

Thanks in advance and have a good weekend.

  wint 14:43 15 Mar 2003


  wint 19:47 15 Mar 2003

Refresh again.

  wint 21:21 17 Mar 2003

Try just once more....

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