Is there such a cable as Scart to Svideo?

  rickf 17:15 24 Sep 2004

Is there? The reason being I don't have a Svideo socket on my video player, only scart and I want to transfer some movies to PC to convert and burn as DVDs.

  SANTOS7 17:33 24 Sep 2004

click here hope this is what your looking for

  hssutton 17:34 24 Sep 2004

Or here click here

  SANTOS7 17:35 24 Sep 2004

click here more here

  rickf 21:42 24 Sep 2004

Thanks guys. Just wanted to know iy exists. Now I know it does.

  Audeal 22:29 24 Sep 2004

Assuming you are saying that you have a S-video socket on your play equipment and not on your VCR then probably the cheapest way it to purchase a scart adapter. You plug this into the scart socket and then plug your S-Video lead onto the S-Video socket on the adapter. You will, of course, need two audio leads for the sound. You can get these at Maplin or any other electrical store.

  €dstowe 06:51 25 Sep 2004

Ensure that the S-video facility is available in the SCART setup (both output from the VCR and the wiring of the plug).

Just because SCART may carry S-video, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is available from the source you are using. The tendency is that cheaper models of VCR do not have S-video enabled.

It should be possible to use compsite video (usually via a yellow RCA plug)

  BT 09:06 25 Sep 2004

Try here click here. they have just about every cable known to man and will make Custom leads as well

  rickf 09:24 25 Sep 2004

Thanks again people. I am now clearer as to what my options are. I do have RCA sockets at the back of the VCR, one white, one red therefore no video I guess as these are for audio only. Yes, it is a cheap VCR I bought from Currys years ago.I think that I am going to need the suggestion posted by Audeal so that I can transfer video as well as audio. I wonder if its not cheaper to buy another more up tp date VCR and cut through all the hassle.

  €dstowe 10:10 25 Sep 2004

All SCART connectors have a composite (yellow RCA) facility. You should be able to get a cable with SCART one end and RCA plugs the other OR a converter SCART with the three RCA plugs attached to the body of the SCART plug.

It is very unlikely that you will have S-video as this is invariably a sales plus and it would have its own mini-DIN conector.

  €dstowe 10:11 25 Sep 2004

Sorry above should read:

a converter SCART with the three RCA sockets attached to the body of the SCART plug.

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