Is there still a problem...

  TonyV 18:56 02 Oct 2011

with the PCA site? I am having extreme difficulty getting the Home Page to load and then the Forum Pages take the same time to open - like a minute or more.

Once the pages have loaded, the speed then creeps up, but the time it takes to load initially is far too long.

It was fine on Friday and most of Saturday, but every so often it goes very slow!

Win7 and IE9. I hasten to add it is not happening on any other site, just this one.



  TonyV 18:58 02 Oct 2011

It took ages to post the above missive. I even had time to edit it after clicking on Post, though it didn't pick that up!


  chub_tor 19:07 02 Oct 2011

Yup, it's been as slow as treacle most of today, I have given up for the night.

  TonyV 19:39 02 Oct 2011


Glad it's not just me. It is taking minutes to do a check on what is happening to this thread! Like you, I think I will give up and wait for some improvement.



  BT 08:48 03 Oct 2011

I'm having a problem even getting onto the site. I get a grey screen after a couple of minutes and have to click on the refresh button before the site loads.

  simonjary 08:56 03 Oct 2011

Hi, everyone.

We're going to take a long look at this today. Previously we haven't been able to see any weekend slowdowns on all our monitoring tools, which is perplexing given the posts about the issue here.

We'll keep looking. We are in the process of simplifying the site navigation and optimizing for faster page speed, but I doubt if these efforts are the cause of whatever you're experiencing.


Simon Publisher, PC Advisor

  onthelimit1 09:07 03 Oct 2011

Thanks Simon - it's been quite frustrating, particularly Sunday. Working OK for me now.

  TonyV 09:33 03 Oct 2011


Thanks for that. I will refrain from saying it is better this AM, but will wait till later on today. I don't want to tempt providence!

Last night it really was awful.



  cocteau48 10:51 03 Oct 2011


It was absolutely fine here when I posted on a thread at 16:06 yesterday but sometime between then and 18:00 it just slowed to a crawl.

  iscanut 11:49 03 Oct 2011

I could not get on to the site at all last night. The main page would not load, let alone the forums ! I gave up trying on Firefox, IE9 and Chrome !

  simonjary 11:54 03 Oct 2011

Hi, everyone.

We think we've isolated the problem and come up with a solution to weekend slowdowns.

As a large site with relatively open commenting (especially in the forums) we are often targeted by spam bots, which can cause a damaging buildup of server effort.

During the week we get alerts so that we can restart forum instances to effectively clear out the system and start again.

During the weekends we still get these alerts but there's less people active here to action them.

So we're going to look at automating instance restarts every six hours of so. This should stop a whole weekend or day going by with the servers on their knees.

We spent a lot (really, a lot) on new servers a month or so ago, but the Lords of Spam can pretty much take down anything if they so wish.

We'll let you know when we've got this automation set up, and ask you to let us know if the situation improves and also whether the restarting process hampers forum use.

It shouldn't affect forum use but if you were not automatically logged in the second the restart kicked in there's a possibility that your posting might be affected. We won't know until we try it out.

Regards, Simon

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