Is there something wrong with AVG?

  pj123 22:33 24 Mar 2004

I am on Broadband at 600kbs with NTL. I tried to update my AVG this morning and nothing happened for 3minutes and 17 seconds. Then I finally got the update. I told a friend to update their AVG but they are on dialup and after 1hour and 30 minutes with nothing happening they gave up.

  daba 22:58 24 Mar 2004

Thanx for the info where the update files are located.

i've just checked on my PC, and there are 107 update 'bin' files, dating back to 21/09/01 - a total of 111 Mb. Some are large files (>1Mb), some are medium (800K), some are smaller still (200-400K), and some are 'tiny' (45K is typical).

Do i need to keep all the old ones? the major ones (>1Mb)?, the most recent plus the small ones back to the next 'major' one?

should i just 'let 'em live' eating up my HDD space?

what do you do?

  spuds 23:01 24 Mar 2004

This slow updating, as been going on for sometime now. I usually find that it eventually commences downloading in a couple of minutes, if not, then a message appears and advices you to download manually. The connection of late,as been getting very touchy, but I have been told this is due to server problems and the vast amount of people trying to download all at once.

  Mikè 23:05 24 Mar 2004

Follow my advice click here to restore quick updating by changing the server url in avg's url.ini file.

  pj123 23:06 24 Mar 2004

crx1600. Thanks, that's the way I went in the end but what happened to the way I used to do it. Double click AVG and select Virus Database. or Service, Update, From Internet, Update Now. They don't seem to work anymore.

  Djohn 23:08 24 Mar 2004

daba. You can safely delete all the old ones just keep the last one and of course the installer. I delete all mine every month.

Anyone having problems with the download updates, it's because the site is now very busy, has been for the past few months. If you don't connect within a couple of seconds or see the message, "Can't establish an internet connection" just hit the cancel button then click on "Update" again. It can take up to 4-5 attempts but will come through.

I did the download today and it took 3 minutes on Broadband, normally it's so fast all the colours change at the same time.

  SANTOS7 23:08 24 Mar 2004


2=click here

3=click here


1=click here

2=click here

3=click here

Actual URL=3
hey guys copy/paste this into notepad save in url.ini in 'C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG6'
it will give you alternative sites to download updates from the .com site is the best link

  GroupFC 23:10 24 Mar 2004

Sorry to butt in - but as I understand it no you don't need to keep them all, just the most recent one.

  SANTOS7 23:10 24 Mar 2004

sorry guys links all to cock will try again later

  GroupFC 23:12 24 Mar 2004

Too late!

  Mikè 23:17 24 Mar 2004

SANTOS7 my link is to the same info that you have tried to post, I gave up trying to get in to look right here and have given a link to this info on another site.

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