Is there a skt939 motherboard with AGP port?

  Ben 216 00:31 19 Oct 2006

Hi I'm looking at upgrading my PC from Asus A7N8X Deluxe & Athlon XP 2800, but retaining the rest of the components. I'm told skt 939 is the way to go and have been looking at the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+for about £130.

I bought an AGP Sapphire Radeon X800XL a while back which I want to keep and I already have 2 x 512MB DDR400 RAM and 2 SATA HDD's. Is there a skt 939 motherboard that will allow me to use my AGP graphics card? (ASUS if possible)

Thanks, Ben.

  RealDopey 00:55 19 Oct 2006

Have a look for:
ASROCK K8Combo-Z - 800FSB - ULi(ALi) M1689 chipset

Go Here:

click here#

  RealDopey 00:57 19 Oct 2006

Forgot to say they are supposed to be trade suppliers, but they have never refused my money.

  Ben 216 08:22 19 Oct 2006

I forgot to ask about my PSU, I have an Antec True Blue 480W supply. Have the power sockets chaned for the AMD 64's?

  vinnyT 10:04 19 Oct 2006

No, your psu (so long as it is atx format, it prob will be if you got it within the last 4yrs) will be fine.

  Ben 216 16:42 19 Oct 2006

Ok thanks, PSU will be ok then. I have also found the ASRock DualSATA2/VSTA which supports AGP & PCI-E. Has anyone tried these boards?

  Totally-braindead 18:36 19 Oct 2006

I built a PC last year for my mates kids using an Asrock K7NF2-RAID and its fine, can't say I've tried the dual boards that have PCIE and AGP but if you decide to go down that line your choice will be severely limited as there are only a couple of boards that support both.
Suggest you look at the Asrock website and particularly the forums there and see if anyone has had any problems with it.

  Ben 216 23:19 19 Oct 2006

Thanks I've had a look at the website but missed the forums...

  Eargasm 23:47 19 Oct 2006

Iv'e used this board with no probs.

click here

  Ben 216 01:36 20 Oct 2006

Thanks, have also been looking at this board, not sure which is the better board out of the Dual-SATA2/VSTA, but am finding it hard to find anywhere with either of them in stock! I have also read that this works ok with Crucial DDR400 RAM, which is what I have.

  Ben 216 17:23 21 Oct 2006

I had previously ruled out Intel because when I built my current PC the P4 and Athlon XP were pretty well matched in performance, but the equivalent AMD was cheaper. Someone suggested to look at the Core 2 Duo's, so I did. The stats for the new Intel CPU's are now better than those for the equivalent skt939 AMD, and they're slightly cheaper! (Core 2 Duo has more cache and supports DDR2, whereas I'd need a skt AM2 for that with an AMD)

So I've gone for the ASRock skt 775 Dual-VSTA motherboard (which is the Vista ready version), and the Core 2 Duo E6400, bought both from Aria for £208 inc. Saturday delivery!

So I now have the new kit, have backed up my system (which was long overdue), and am now almost ready to take the plunge and see what happens! Hope to be back posting soon!

Thanks for your help.

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