Is there a simple way

  exhumed 06:47 13 Mar 2004

Right folks, is there a way to remove everything but the o/s from the HDD,or is it a total format and re installation.

  bremner 07:22 13 Mar 2004

You could go through add/remove programs and delete programs from there and then remove all the docs, mp3's video, pictures etc you accumilated but there will still be lots left and you will never completely just leave the O/S.

If you want a clean platform with just the O/S then a full format and reinstall is probably your best bet.

Do you have a specific problem that has led you to want a clean O/S? - if so someone here may be able to assist in rectifying the problem without resorting to a full format.

  exhumed 07:31 13 Mar 2004

no problem, built a new machine,want to sell old one on and just wondered if there was another way,didn't really think there was.Cheers for your time.

You could just reinstall the OS straight over the existing installation thereby deleting the files and directories but then for an additional 10 minutes a format will ensure total privacy.

  Megatyte 09:27 13 Mar 2004

An 'over the top' re-install will not delete anything.


I beg to differ, but if you install XP over the top (to the same partition) of an existing installation it will delete all settings and files etc. Try it!

  temp003 10:50 13 Mar 2004

Depends on what files and settings one means.

Reinstalling Windows over itself will bring the Windows system files back to the CD version (hence need to reinstall all Windows updates since CD version). A way of repairing Windows when quicker repairs fail.

It will keep other files intact (including programs and data). Some Windows settings may be changed, not sure. Anyway, exhumed has ticked the thread as resolved and is happily ignoring our little discussion :o)))

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