is there a screen that's easy on the eyes?

  Ballie 22:07 07 Jan 2005

I was just wondering is there any recomened monitors that cause less eye stain.

My problem is that my 12 year old daughter suffers from a squint and although she has had surgery for it - lengthy spells on the computer causes her eye to be strained and the squint to reappear. Obviously, we try to limit the time she is on the computer or watching tv, however, she is extremely gifted in ICT and her ICT homework sometimes requires her to be on the computer for 2-3 hours using powerpoint etc. The monitor we currently have is about 6 years old (Iiyma vision master pro450 - model A901HT).

Does anyone know of any monitors which cause less eye strain? Are LCD displays any better on the eye?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:12 07 Jan 2005

The flat screen TFT monitors do not scan and refresh the screen in the same way as The CRT monitors. Many people have reported that this helps eye strain as far as they are concerned.

  Totally-braindead 22:13 07 Jan 2005

LCDs or TFTs as they are known as well are meant to better on the eyes. I've just got one and am undecided at the moment as to whether it is better or not. Economy wise there is something you could try, you can buy screen filters for your monitor, I used to use one and thought it worked very well, unfortunatly broke it moving house recently. They cost between £10 and £30 depending on the size of the monitor, I think even Argos sold them but don't know if that is the case anymore. Make sure your monitor is set to a refresh rate of at least 75hz. Trying to make sure she doesn't spend too long on the computer is still the best idea.

  Jackcoms 22:16 07 Jan 2005

Not sure about particular monitors but it is always worthwhile for any user to set the screen refresh rate to the highest possible setting (somewhere around 85 Hertz).

This is easiest on the eyes and is always recommended for epileptics, for example, who can be more susceptible to flashing lights/monitors.

  TomJerry 22:25 07 Jan 2005

you should have done it ages ago. Also do not set the brightness too high.

here is a reasonbaly priced good 17" LCD monitor LG L1715S 17ins TFT 16ms 0.26mm 450:1 Charcoal & Grey with 3year onsite Warranty £189.90 (free delivery if select super save delivery) click here, set it at native resolution 1028x1024 and highest refresh rate.

Nothing can compare with kids comfort.

If you can, get a TV with refresh frequency at 100Hz, most TV only 20Hz, good Sony ones do 100Hz.

  Charence 22:35 07 Jan 2005

click here "Too few cycles per second and you will notice a flickering, which can lead to headaches and eye strain." Therefore go into Display Properties on your computer and increase the Refresh Frequency.

LCDs are meant to be better than CRT monitors because of the methods they use to display an image. If I remember correctly, its because the electron beam can go past the screen and into your eye and affect the receptors within the eye.


  Ballie 23:30 07 Jan 2005

thank you all

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