Is there a programme for detecting keylogging?

  canard 14:03 12 Oct 2003

There is a lot in the news about the damage keyloggers are inflicting on PC users. Does anyone know about apps to prevent/detect/remove these nasties?

  Forum Editor 14:52 12 Oct 2003

where we want watchers to watch the watchers, and the world's gone crazy.

I have a couple of clients who have, in the past suspected employees of sending confidential company information to competitors. On both occasions the alledged activities were so serious I recommended the installation of a device called a Keyghost. This is a tiny device that connects to the computer's keyboard port. The keyboard lead is plugged into it, and it looks exactly like one of those cylindrical EMC doodahs that most of us are used to seeing on device cables. Both people were caught red-keyboarded as it were, and one prosecution resulted.

I used these devices because software keyloggers can indeed be detected, and there are many detection tools available. You can get a good one if you
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  canard 15:18 12 Oct 2003

Thankyou FE.

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