There is a problem with this website's security certificate - Windows 7

  YorkshirePudding 10:06 17 Nov 2014

Yesterday my Windows 7 laptop started blocking my access to various websites i use on acregular basis and displaying the error message "there is a problem with this website's security certificate"

So far its stopped me accessing Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook & Twitter. I really need to use Hotmail, Yahoo and Google for my work.

Ive checked all the date & time settings and all is ok with that. I also used Microsoft's FixIt site and ran their various diahnostic tests which all came back as "no issues detected"...

Im totally stuck. Please help!

  john bunyan 10:29 17 Nov 2014

This usually is the wrong date. You say this is ok but do re check (Bottom right of screen)

  stevethetester 10:40 17 Nov 2014


Are you using Firefox along with Kasperky Internet Security 2015 (latest version)?

If so this is a known issue with Kaspersky-I posted a similar question a couple of weeks ago without response but have been assured by Kaspersky that there is a workaround although it will be addressed in an upgrade shortly. Hope this helps with your problem Steve

  YorkshirePudding 10:42 17 Nov 2014

Nope the date is correct - Monday 17th November 2014, and the time is fine. And I've checked the 'Internet Time' and that has been sync'd correctly

  YorkshirePudding 10:46 17 Nov 2014

I'm using Internet Explorer and only security software is Windows Firewall. I had to uninstall my Norton internet security because that caused a lot of problems.

  john bunyan 11:03 17 Nov 2014

This is worth a read:


It is a worry if you have no Anti virus running. I would download and run ADWCleaner to see if something is interfering with your browser. Then run Malawrebytes if you have it. If it clears up the problem I would download and install a free a/v such as Avast or Avira.

Bleeping Computer ADWCleaner

Takes a while to scan - just accept the recommendations on re-start.

  Woolwell 11:06 17 Nov 2014

"only security software is Windows Firewall" - Ouch! That may be your problem. Download and install a free anti-virus asap and suggest free malwarebytes too. How did you uninstall Norton? Unusual for Norton to cause problems. What were they?

  YorkshirePudding 14:06 17 Nov 2014

I did replace Norton with McAfee which I had a 12 month subscription for but it ran out about 4 months ago. I meant to purchase a new subscription but never got round to it.

So could my laptop have a virus then? It seems to be affecting anything I need to log into. Just tried logging into my Royal Mail account to process some orders for delivery and have got the same error message, blocking me from accessing it due to a problem with its security certificate. Its really f**ked things up for me!

Just running the AVG antivirus program this for removing virus' or preventing any more? (sorry if I sound thick, but Im useless when it comes to the internal running and processes of a computer!)

  john bunyan 14:45 17 Nov 2014

AVG is a free anti virus that helps to defend the PC. It may find already infected stuff. However there are "anti Malware" programmes that may find Hi jackers, and I would start with the ADWCleaner in the link above. Then try scanning with Malawarebytes, a free version of which is here:


Use the free one for now. Do come back after the ADWCleaner and Malawarebytes have run.

  stevethetester 17:30 17 Nov 2014

have you tried downloading and installing one of the free a/v solutions as suggested by john bunyan? A sure fire way to find out if you have a virus on your system is to try and install anti virus or indeed something like malwarebytes; if you are infected you will almost certainly be blocked from either accessing the relevant websites, download/and or install. please keep us posted and good luck. Steve

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