Is there a problem with TalkTalk this morning

  dangerusone 10:35 28 Nov 2015

Is there a problem with TalkTalk this morning. I use Outlook for my mail with a @ and addresses, the Hotmail is coming through OK but not the TalkTalk. When I go online into TT Webmail and click on new mail I get the message "Cannot connect to server" I have had about 40 minutes having an online conversation with Lakesh? which got me nowhere. Is it their fault and should I hold off for a day to see if it comes back ?

  spuds 10:57 28 Nov 2015

"Is there a problem with TalkTalk this morning"

With me its every day, with the TalkTalk Webmail service. If you check, you may well find that there is a possible message regarding the Webmail service ( Our engineer's are working on it).

Only yesterday, I was in contact with TalkTalk, and once again, they agree the service is not providing the service it should,but they are "working on it".

  dangerusone 13:06 28 Nov 2015

Spuds, I have just had 1 email through, informing me you had posted on here. That's a start. Hopefully it may be getting sorted. My Account finishes April next year and I think I'll migrate to Plusnet or another. as you say with TalkTalk it's one thing after another.

  john bunyan 13:17 28 Nov 2015

Talk talk ok here , with webmail and Outlook on w 7

  spuds 13:46 28 Nov 2015

john bunyan

I seem to recall that you might have been having problems with TalkTalk Webmail services the other day. Is that all in the past now?.

If it wasn't you, then apologies.

  john bunyan 18:56 28 Nov 2015


Yes, I had the problem wher the big Talk talk problem arose but it seems OK now. I switch off my PC overnight and use the webmail in the morning to block / delete / bar any overnight spam. I am getting a few spams but not daily. Getting regular 7 - 8 Mbps . Had a big issue with them on speed some time ago and I am sure they had to reset the exchange software - they tried as usual to get me to use the test socket etc but I have my router and desktop upstairs and built in. All working ok so I am staying as the faff of e mail changing is daunting.

  spuds 01:39 29 Nov 2015


Thanks for the link, a very interesting read. Changing ISP's with the possibility of losing the email address, was always a worry for me.

  dangerusone 08:01 29 Nov 2015

Thanks for the link rdave13,I'll be migrating somewhere 2016 from TalkTalk. spuds, I have a address that I can still access. I never sign up to anything from this address and it keeps all the Spam in my TalkTalk account. TalkTalk Webmail still down this morning.

  dangerusone 15:37 30 Nov 2015

Seems to be back to normal at the moment, but I think I'll be moving when my contract is up next year.

  dangerusone 15:38 30 Nov 2015

I clicked on the green tick, is the thread now finished?

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