B.J. 17:47 21 Feb 2010

I want a music program to keep my songs where I can find 'em. Does anybody else have trouble organising their music files on Windows Media Player ?
The files wont stay where I put 'em and I cant make folders of ONLY good stuff. I want to make folders like I do on my PC so that I dont have to wade through everything to find what I want. Something like a music style PICASA would be perfect.
Any ideas....B.J.

  john bunyan 18:02 21 Feb 2010

Have you looked at iTunes? It is free and quite good - you don't have to have an iPod.The file system is quite good, if you ensure the songs are tagged.

  alB 18:09 21 Feb 2010

I use iTunes myself but the free version of MediaMonkey seems to get some good reviews click here ...alB

  B.J. 21:27 25 Feb 2010

Thanks folks for your help.....BJ

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