There might be a problem with my HDD

  Swâgãt Shêkõkár 01:44 25 Apr 2019

So I was installing sniper elite 4 and suddenly there was a power cut in my locality. I tried installing again and there was a power cut again (I didn't had ups the. but now I've). I tried again and same thing happened. Now I get this message during boot WARNING: A problem with the hard drive has been detected. I clean installed windows 10 again, I updated bios but no luck. Pc boots up and runs normally but I'm now worried if my hdd would fail anytime soon. Anybody knows what could be the problem. I've backed up all the data already.

  wee eddie 09:17 25 Apr 2019

The crashes caused by the Power Cuts could have damaged sectors of the Hard Drive, but the fact that it is working suggests that nothing critical has happened.

There is free software to check for damage, which I have never needed to use. Others can talk you through the process.

As a Hard Drive is a critical part of ones PC, and the cost of a new one is relatively small, for peace of mind, I would replace it and use the old one for backups.

  Pine Man 10:14 25 Apr 2019

As a Hard Drive is a critical part of ones PC, and the cost of a new one is relatively small, for peace of mind, I would replace it and use the old one for backups.

Replacement is a good idea BUT using the, potentially damaged, old hard drive for back ups is not. A back up drive HAS to be as reliable as the system hard drive.

  wee eddie 10:44 25 Apr 2019

Pine Man, in part I agree with you.

However, as the OP already has a system of backups, and the likelihood of several External Backups failing, at the same time as the original are mind-bendingly small, I felt safe in making such a recommendation

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:15 25 Apr 2019
  Pine Man 11:20 25 Apr 2019

I felt safe in making such a recommendation

No problem at all. It is the principle of making back ups to dubious hard drives that I was really referring to.

  Swâgãt Shêkõkár 17:06 25 Apr 2019

Thanks for the replies guys. I think I'll just buy a 250GB SSD and use it for OS, my games and applications. I'll use the HDD till it dies for other stuff which is already backed up for easy access.

  KEITH 1955 19:33 25 Apr 2019

Hi Swagat , I few pointers to a failing hdd , does it rumble in the mounts making a noise that sounds like a small drum , does it take a long time to access anything even if it does not crash , does the hdd's busy light stay on a lot even if you are not actually doing anything, look in reliability monitor to see if it is logging any disc error

  Swâgãt Shêkõkár 03:41 26 Apr 2019

Hello KEITH I haven't noticed any abnormal behaviour of HDD physically. But there's one thing that I was playing Assassins creed syndicate which ran at 30-40 fps but after that warning started poping I could see 10-20 % drop in fps after playing for sometime. It could also be due the gpu I bought from someone which pretty much looks like used by a miner bc I have to underclock it to play games otherwise games would crash. But there was no issues before the HDD problem started.

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