Is there memory conflict ?

  pcbobby 15:53 24 Jan 2010

Epson Stylus SX400 printer.
OS XP Professional

When loading photos to print, I get message as follows.
"Cannot complete processing.
Try and increase the memory available for Epson photo print."

Is there conflict with the memory configuration?
Some other applications are very slow to load.
RAM DDR 2x256MB PC2300 and 2x256MB PC2700

Would appreciate advice. Thank you.

  ame 16:17 24 Jan 2010

Never used it, but according to my user guide, Easy Photo print only requires 128Mb min and 256Mb recommended to run on Windows. Is yours the same software? Assuming your motherboard supports these memory types and they are showing up as 1Gb total in Windows, I doubt if there is a problem. If in doubt, you can use Crucial's site to check for compatible RAM click here

  pcbobby 16:28 24 Jan 2010

ame, thnak you.

Yes, I have used Crucials site. They suggested their own compatible memory, no mention of conflict.

  ame 16:47 24 Jan 2010

Is the RAM showing up as 1Gb in your System Properties? Normally PC2700 will be backwards compatible with PC2300. I presume they are the same correct type - e.g. non-ECC, unbuffered, etc - so are suitable for your pc.

  pcbobby 16:51 24 Jan 2010

Yes. 1G RAM

  GaT7 17:02 24 Jan 2010

Try setting a larger Virtual Memory size.

Control Panel > System > Advanced > Settings > Advanced > Virtual Memory > Change...

Choose the drive where WinXP is installed (usually C:), then select Custom size & enter 1536 in both boxes. Press Apply > OK.

Reboot for the change to take place.

If no joy with the above, it may help if you can reinstall your OS afresh.

How many items do you have running in Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up the applet)?

What's the size of your hard disk, & how much of free space is available? G

  pcbobby 17:04 24 Jan 2010

ame, sorry, I forgot to answer other part of your question re non-ECC etc I will have to check.

  ame 17:06 24 Jan 2010

Seems odd. Do you have the latest software version? click here which might get rid of any corrupt files you have.

  pcbobby 17:10 24 Jan 2010

Crossbow 7. Thank you.

I will try your advice and report back at approx 5.45PM

  pcbobby 17:48 24 Jan 2010

Hello ame & Crossbow.

First ame. Thank you for that link, Ihave download and will install this PM.

Crossbow. I have increased virtual memory as per your advice, it has clearly increased the speed of loading apps.
Task manager has 24 processes.
C Drive = 9.3GB used and 28.2 free.

  pcbobby 17:50 24 Jan 2010

Oops! I forgot to add.
Same message appears from Epson printer.

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