Is there a log of user activity in Windows 2000?

  enolander 13:34 23 Mar 2006

My office has four computers, all running Windows 2000, and connected to a bigger LAN through an ISDN server. I have set up a shared folder on one of the computers, allowing our 10 staff to access it from each of the other computers. Yesterday, I discovered that one subfolder is missing from the shared folder, and I have no idea who might have moved/deleted it. I know that it was last accessed about 4 weeks ago, as I found a Recent File entry when I searched the computer, but it is not in the Recycle Bin, nor could I find any trace of it with a file recovery program. My question is, does Windows 2000 keep a log somewhere of all user activity, so that it is possible to find out when the folder was deleted (and who did it)?

Erik N

  Sethhaniel 14:22 23 Mar 2006

select 'Manage' - 'Shared Flders' 'Sessions' ???

may be something there?

  enolander 16:55 23 Mar 2006

Thanks for the replies. I checked the "Sessions" folder, but it was empty, and as the drive is FAT32 formatted, I can't use the auditing service either... :(

Erik N

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