Is there a limit on the length of Cat5 cable

  melvyn 18:15 10 Feb 2004


I have two computers currently networked, however the route the cable has to take is approx 40'. This works OK, however one of the PC's (the elderly one) is being changed and the new one only comes with R45 socket. The new machine has R45 anyway.

I'm sure I have heard somewhere that there is a limit to the distance one can use R45/Cat5 cable without boosters. Does anyone know?

  Legolas 18:18 10 Feb 2004

I think the the distance is 100m but I,m not a 100% sure maybe someone else will confirm or correct this.

  Legolas 18:20 10 Feb 2004

Cat5 cable can in theory be run for about 100m before you get any problems from it though generally the 100m limit refers to SOLID cable vs STRANDED cable. Stranded cable is generally used in patch cables, because it's more flexible and less prone to damage by bending, but it also cannot maintain signal over the same distance. Solid cable is usually used for premises wiring.

There's no good fixed distance I could find re: stranded; you can probably span 50-60 feet with no problem using it, but if you're approaching 100feet you might want to do something a bit more permanent with solid-copper cat5/5e/6.

I found the above on the internet.

  DieSse 18:24 10 Feb 2004

40' should give you no problems at all with either type of cable. It's very conservatively specced anyway.

  [email protected] 18:39 10 Feb 2004

I am currently using a 25m cable with no ill effects.

  melvyn 18:54 10 Feb 2004

Many Thanks for all the advice - and so quick!!

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