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Is there a Junk mail option in win10?

  Hetti 12:59 27 Jan 2016

Is there a Junk mail option in win10? I cant mark junk mail and Im getting loads of them,search online suggestion says "right click in blank part of the junk mail option will appear to mark as junk" but it does not appear on mine, nothing at all shows. WIN10 Win mail

  wee eddie 13:39 27 Jan 2016

W10 is not having anything to do with your email.

Which email handler are you using?

  Hetti 16:19 27 Jan 2016

Thanks wee eddie I'm not sure if I understand but my internet service provider is Virgin Media, last part of email address is

  Hetti 16:20 27 Jan 2016

Forgot to add email is Win mail

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