Is there a HDD cradle on the market?

  BurrWalnut 15:34 03 Apr 2003

I want to remove my DVD drive (rarely or never use it) and replace it with a HDD from an older computer to use for backup purposes.

Obviously, they are different sizes so I need to either get hold of a reducing-type cradle or (highly unlikely) fashion a piece of steel to accommodate it.

I can't find anything on a PCA search. Does anyone know of anything that would do the job, including a plate to fill the gap at the front?

Thank you.

  seedie 15:43 03 Apr 2003

There is a kit designed for the job you want. Try Scan or CCLcomputers, about a fiver.

You could also consider a hard drive caddy. It's a sort off drawer that lets you unplug and remove the HD.


  SEASHANTY 15:52 03 Apr 2003

Most new hard drives (boxed) come with the metal bits and screws to attach the drive into a 5.25 inch bay. As you are going to use a HDD from an old computer you will need to purchase the parts. Most computer stores stock them including MAPLIN and MICRODIRECT etc.

  BurrWalnut 16:27 03 Apr 2003

Thank you Seedie and Seashanty, I'll try those sites.

One other thing has occurred to me. The old disk has Win98SE on it, could I leave that on and by changing the start-up sequence in the BIOS have a sort of dual boot for use in emergencies if the main drive misbehaves?

  BurrWalnut 20:15 03 Apr 2003


Does anyone know the answer to my supplementary question please?

  Pesala 17:17 04 Apr 2003

Since the reason is for backup, install a removal drive caddy. Then you can remove the drive from the CD and store it away from the PC, just in case you get burgled.

Not sure about your supplementary question. Sounds like it ought to work. This reply will refresh your thread.

  BurrWalnut 15:03 05 Apr 2003

Thanks Pesala

I'm off to the local PC shop to have a look around. I'll leave the old OS on the disk and see if it works via BIOS startup sequence.

I'll now close the thread.

  zanwalk 15:39 05 Apr 2003

The answer to your supplementary question is yes, you will be able to have a dual boot system in principle, however, it depends on what your main OS is (ME, XP, etc.) as to whether you will need a third party bootloader to manage the booting of two OS's. XP and W2K have their own bootloader, but 98/ME does not. You should not have to alter the BIOS at all. Post back if you need more info.

  BurrWalnut 17:49 05 Apr 2003


I have ME and 98 (old disk). I have already given my daughter the DVD drive and have tried out the system (only for a few minutes) with the old drive precariously balanced in the bay and it works booting from IDE 1 (slave).

I don't particularly want a dual-boot I just want to make a copy of year's-worth of data, e.g. music, video and pictures. In the past I've used CD-Rs which work well but I also had the old disk from a failing computer and decided to use it.

I'll take up your offer of help to set up a dual boot providing it doesn't entail reinstalling windows - too much pain to get all my options set up.

My thanks to Big Elf for his kind gesture to send me (free) an old caddy.

I have used this Forum for what seems like years and always thought it was great, now I know that it is also a kind place to visit.

Thank you

  Big Elf 19:00 05 Apr 2003

My pleasure. It will cost me very little and is a better method of recycling other than throwing it out.


The Big Elf

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