is there hard drive recovery software out there?

  Bailey08787 13:36 18 Mar 2003


about a year ago, i tried to install another seagate hard drive (80gb) alongside my exisiting one (8gb).

things went pear-shaped (despite following all of seagate's instructions and using their so-called installation wizards)

i ended up taking it to a pc shop for repair - who were unable to get it all going again. They had managed to get the new one installed (80gb), but couldn't get the existing one to work. So I asked them to transfer the data from the 8gb one, to the 80gb one - they started to do this, but after attempting it for about 18 hours, only a fraction of the data had been copied over, and they were gonna charge me lots more for the whole things to be done - therefore i told them to forget it.

i'm still eager though to get the data off my original 8gb hard drive (irreplacable photos, videos, music, etc.)

So is there a way i can go about doing it? as oppose to sending it off to an expensive data recovery company.

I now run xp pro on my current set-up - and the previous 8gb drive ran windows me. i am fearful of hooking both up at the same time, just in case this messes up my current smoothly running xp set-up. I am also worried about disconnecting the 80gb, and hooking up the 8gb - and then things not going back to normal when i reconnect the 80gb afterwards.

any suggestions? advice?


  powerless 13:48 18 Mar 2003

Come on now cheerup, it's ok!

Here's what you do...

Connect that 8gig hard drive to the 80gig drive, by connecting the 8gig drive as a slave.

80 - Master (will already be set like this)

8 - Slave (you will have to change the jumpers on the back, little fiddly things they are. If you look on the drive itself. The shiny side will tell you there postiton.)

Connect this drive to the other one using the second connector on the cable that the other drive is using.

When you go into XP...the 8gig drive will be seen and you can drag and drop your files across.

You need a second power connector.

This should work, unless there is sever damage to the drive.

  Bailey08787 14:01 18 Mar 2003

i believe there was damage - as they pc shop were using a data recovery tool.

i don't think it's simply a case of drag and drop

Well try Powerless` idea. I don`t think there`s anything to loose.

I have in the past connected another hard drive as a slave to get old data over to the master.

  €dstow 14:15 18 Mar 2003

There might be something on click here that is useful


  Bailey08787 19:29 18 Mar 2003

hmm, a bit too pricey

  R4 19:52 18 Mar 2003

Have you tried DRIVECOPY from Powerquest ?
You set your new drive to Master Drive and the old drive to Slave. ( Manual gives How to instuctions.
Use a Boot Floppy to boot to DOS and then Run the
DRIVECOPY program from floppy.

This has always worked for me, it will also format your new drive if it requires it

  Hablando 20:11 18 Mar 2003

I've had good results with R-studio :

click here

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