Is there a free spy programme?

  birkdalite 09:12 27 Dec 2003

I have tried various so called "free" spy ware downloads whih have worked excellently in finding all spyware, until you try to remove the offending items, then you are told that in order to do so you need to buy the full programme.Can anyone advise please? Thanks

  TECHNODIMWIT 09:18 27 Dec 2003

click here

no doubt members will recomend other progs.

try and decide for your self

  961 09:19 27 Dec 2003

click here works for me

  Nellie2 09:33 27 Dec 2003

Then of course there is Adaware click here very good program and I run both Adaware and Spybot because what one misses, the other picks up.

If you want to stop yourself getting infected in the first place then why not try Spywareblaster click here
Spywareguard click here

I run both of those too along with a few others... not that I'm paranoid or anything you understand!!!

  Terrahawk 09:34 27 Dec 2003

stop it getting on your system in the first place
click here along with spybot s& d to run a check every now and then and adware is another good one click here

  birkdalite 09:45 27 Dec 2003

plenty to go on with there. Thank you all

  Terry Brown 10:41 27 Dec 2003

If you want more control over your system and spyware do the foloowing.On Interner Explorer, open TOOLS,Internet Options,Privacy, Advanced,Select Override Automatic Cookies , Select First Party Cokies, Prompt for Third party Cookies.
You can block all third party cookies, however some programs will not run.
Generally speaking, it is the third party cookies(your site links you to another site who adds your name to their list)who add the spyware.

  habs 15:25 28 Dec 2003

You can download the software from:click here , type adaware from

good luck

  Stuartli 15:55 28 Dec 2003

Most of the above links are for the same two or three (excellent) spybot utilities..:-)

More than one way, of course, to skin a cat....

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