There is dead, there is dying and then this PC....

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 22:36 20 May 2003

Hi all,

Sorry about the legnth but it so many problems ANY help is appreciated!!

Picked up a PC from a friend to "Fix" as it had problems with the modem. Took it home after looking at it and finding that there was a host of other bits and peices wrong that basically meant a full format and reinstall, no problems so far!

Put HD into my pc as a slave to copy of the data and ran Virus scan - Found 36 of the blighters!!!

So full format without delay.

HD Back into PC and then installed Win 98se with no problem.

Right, now then -

Graphics Card is ATI Rage 128 and I have downloaded the drivers. Says it needs Direct x 8 to run and so I try to download than (on my pc) from the MS website but it is a self extract and install file and I cannot simply save to disk. Any ideas where I can get this from so as to put it onto disk and then install in sick PC?

The reason I cannot download straight into the Sick PC is that the modem cannot be identified - it is a generic on a modem riser and I cannot (yet) find the drivers for it.

Even if I could, I am on broadband and so dont have a dial up account.

So, I tried to install a network card and blow me if the DVD drive is kaput! so...

Anyway, back to "other problems".....

The Bios will not let me make ANY changes. I can highlight the setting but it will ot allow any changes, this is a problem as the PC is a 600Mhz Intel P3 but running at only 350Mhz! Even Load default wont work.....

Tried clearing CMOS by shorting the battery terminals (there is no clear CMOS jumper) and made no difference.

I cannot identify the otherboard at all - ther eis no name, part number or anythig else for me to get to grips with to even start a google search.

Belarc Advisor is of no help in this respect.

The Mobo has on the northbridge a Icon resembling a figure 8 made up of four lines - if this is anything that anyone may identify with a manufacturer......?

So, if that little lot does not keep you busy I am sure I will find some more!

(So much for me being the good samaritan in future..........)

Manythanks for ANY help anyone may be able to offer and sorry for a long thread!!

  The Transporter 22:50 20 May 2003

Directx 9a for win98
click here

Also look on any pc magazine for a cover disc. It will definitely be on there. (At least 8.1)

Go here for a program that will tell you everything about your pc hardware etc.

click here


click here

to find your motherboard manual so you can reset the bios etc.

After that mate post back and i will see if i can help some more.

Usually when you clear the cmos you have to turn the pc off, change the jumper over for about a minute, then put it back to its original position. Then turn the pc back on.

  otubby1 23:23 20 May 2003

As far as the rest is concerned I am afraid I am out of my league, but try this pay as you go site for Broadband users.

click here

  eccomputers 23:29 20 May 2003

go here click here and download personal one.
Run it on sick pc and it will tell you everything including motherboard.

  DieSse 00:28 21 May 2003

Claer the CMOS by taking out the battery and leaving it out for several hours (tonight?)

  woodchip 00:32 21 May 2003

First you will not get the Modem to work on a normal com port it's an AMR modem so you need the Drivers for the motherboard these should be on a CD. You would be looking for AMR com port drivers on the CD

Well thanks for all the responses so far - much appreciated.

I will hoik the battery out tonight as there is no jumper (Thanks DieSse - hadn't thought of that!!)

Woodchip =
That is half the problem - I need to identify what the mobo is and I dont have the manual!

Does anyone have any idea why the Bios settings refuse to be changed? (You dont even get the "options" Eg, "boot Num Lock = Disable" Highlight "Disable and press "enter" to bring up options (or I would normally) and noting happens, simply stays as Disable all the time. Same with all settings including CPU speed - in fact everything!

  AndySD 00:42 21 May 2003


Thanks - that may well do the job as there is simply no ID on the board at all. Will take a look and let you know how I get on...........

Just a quick thank you to all who contributed to this thread - it is now all up and running with all drivers and software installed. Only thing left is a new DVD drive - anyone know where I can download one of those from?????????

Seriously, the link that eccomputers and AndySD gave worked a treat and apart from the fact that Motorola do not support the modem any more and dont even have the drivers to download, its ready to go back - a good nights work, thank you!

Should just say I have managed to find the drivers on the net so job done!

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