Is there anything I need to know before Formatting

  Mad Boy 15:02 24 Apr 2003

Hi there, I have just backed up some of my data to a cd-r. Is there anything important that may need backing up, such as microsoft office etc? I currently backed up AOL 7.0, Nero, Winzip 7 etc. I have a Microsoft 98Se disk (which i presume is the setup disk?) and i have microsoft Office 2000 (i think word,excel etc is in this disk? Now before i format my pc (for the first time in over 3 years) and (the first time i have ever formatted a pc) is there anything i should be aware of?

Thanks for your time

  Legolas 15:12 24 Apr 2003

Have a look here it should give you some sound advice.
click here

  Mad Boy 15:16 24 Apr 2003

Thanks mate, ill have a read and see hoe it goes

  DieSse 15:30 24 Apr 2003

Your data is the important thing - backing up programs is useless (make sure you have the CDs and/or downloads) , they need to be re-installed, as do drivers for the hardware.

Data includes

Letters - spreadsheets - music - photos - databases - etc

Downloaded programs and drivers

Personal templates - ones you have generated youself, not the standard ones

Email and email address books/contact lists

Web favourites

Registration numbers for downloaded programs

DUN and email account setups - User names - passwords - server names - etc. best to write these down, or print off from the screen.

Setups for FTP accounts - if you use them.

Anything else you can think of.

On the link above - forget the SYS command advice - you don't need it and shouldn't do it - the Win98 CD will do all that for you.

  Mad Boy 15:41 24 Apr 2003

....DieSse i will make note of these data etc. Well the link Legolas gave me was great, i printed off the info just incase im stuck and need help. I think im ready to format my computer.

One last thing, when installing Win98 does this install stuff like the card games, windows media player etc?


  DieSse 15:49 24 Apr 2003

Yes it does do the card games and media centre - but just the original versions that come with it. Also bear in mind that you will need to load down any Windows updates that you want, after the re-install. This is best done before you do anything else.

Also, don't put in your AV program until you've finished everything - it tends to interfere with other installations - and don't forget to update it as soon as you've installed it.

  Mad Boy 15:57 24 Apr 2003

Thanks DieSse and Legolas for the pointers

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