Is there any way?

  misters 21:23 25 Mar 2003

just posted this out of curiousity, is there any way of visiting a web page by just using the mouse?

  Elrond 21:26 25 Mar 2003

Got to the web page you want and set it as a favourite. From then on you just click favourites in the toolbar and then the page you want

  watchful 21:26 25 Mar 2003

Just click on the URL - is there any other way?

  spikeychris 21:31 25 Mar 2003

If you mean how to get an address in the address bar, with the mouse. Open up the on screen keyboard and just use the mouse to type the address.


  misters 21:31 25 Mar 2003

Say I cant get to the page in the first place to add to my favs.
Silly I know but curious just the same.

  Elrond 21:33 25 Mar 2003

Well you wont be able to get there with the mouse either

  misters 21:34 25 Mar 2003

Ho do i open onscreen keyboard?

  watchful 21:35 25 Mar 2003

How do you usually get to a web page?

  Elrond 21:36 25 Mar 2003

Start > All progs > Accessories > Accessibility

  misters 21:44 25 Mar 2003

Tried the Start>progs>accessories>accessibility, nothing there to relate to a onscreen keyboard.

ps. I usually go to a web page by typing the address in the browser then hitting return, but just a thought if keyboard didn't work how then could i accsess the net to find out what the problem may be.

  britto 22:46 25 Mar 2003

This works with ME.
add remove programs
windows setup tab
tick accessibility
details give two more options which
should enable accessibility wizard,magnifier & onscreen keyboard from accessories list

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