Is there any hope for this Radeon 9500/9700...?

  Funktion 00:38 22 Aug 2005

Reformatted a hard drive for a mate of mine recently. The format went fine, the reinstallation of WinXP (with SP2) was great, and without the previous clutter that was bunging up his machine it ran like a dream. For a day or so...

He gave me a call telling me about some 'funny lines' appearing on the screen. I've had a look (his PC's now been at mine for a few days) and there are now some artifacts that manifest as a whole bunch of horizontal lines running across the monitor. These lines refresh as the cursor is moved around the screen. I have updated the drivers for his Radeon 9500/9700 (I don't know which it is off the top of my head, and I'm damned if I'm booting it up at this time of night) to the latest Catalyst drivers, but no joy. Here is a summary of when and where the lines appear:

*BIOS screen - Never
*POST screen - Never
*Windows boot menu - Often (70-80% of the time)
*WindowsXP SP2 (normal mode) - Always. sometimes immediately on entering to desktop, sometimes after a couple of minutes
*WindowsXP (safe mode) - Never

Now, I have a Radeon 9800pro in my machine and have tried his card in mine with the same results. I have the same OS (XP SP2). I don't know if he had SP2 installed before I reformatted his HDD; does SP2 have know issues with this video card? Does the fact that it does not work in either machine indicate a hardware problem (i.e. is his graphics card knackered?) as opposed to a driver/OS issue?

Oh, and if it is his card that's gone to silicon heaven then could someone please tell me the best way to break it to him so that he doesn't blame me for it! I know it's nothing that I've done, because I haven't messed with the hardware at all.

Anyway, I could do with some clues from you guys if at all possible. If you need any more details then I can provide them when I get back from work.

Cheers in advance, and have a good Monday everybody. Here comes another week...

  DieSse 00:53 22 Aug 2005

Definately sounds like a h/w problem to me. Does it have a fan - is the fan working correctly - this is usually a weak point on grafix cards.

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