is there an alternative to Norton

  Ballie 09:44 06 Feb 2005

Is there a better antivirus than Norton, not that I am complaning about nortons ability to detect and destroy viruses but I am fed up with all the new programs it keeps adding when you update it. I updated it on friday and it added another program to the start up "SNDMon"

Is there any alternatives to norton that do the job as well but don't keep adding programs?

  961 09:48 06 Feb 2005

I changed to F-Secure after a number of good reviews. I downloaded a 30 day trial during which I was offered a discounted price of about £24

It works well, it does not slow the computer and there are updates at least daily which are automatic

  ICF 09:48 06 Feb 2005
  bananaslik 09:58 06 Feb 2005

iv'e just started using AVG,it's a free be but very good,i know alot of folks on here use it

  Ballie 10:04 06 Feb 2005

have you got a link to AVG to save me serching

  pk470 10:16 06 Feb 2005

Panda antivirus has never let me down.

  [email protected] 10:58 06 Feb 2005

I changed to AVG last year for the same reasons you have with Norton.

The link I have to AVG is: click here

Good luck

  ReyesKing 11:02 06 Feb 2005

is this norton hanging shutdowns and log offs? ive just bought brand new 2005 as 2004 was giving me so much hassle. 2005 is exactly the same. :-(

  Ballie 11:11 06 Feb 2005

its not being much of a problem but I am just fed up with all the extras it adds when you update and the time it takes me shorting out how to disable them.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:50 06 Feb 2005

I have removed Norton IS from over 5 computers in the last few weeks. make of this what you will...I use AVG.


  sattman 12:26 06 Feb 2005

The sndmon.exe process periodically checks your virus scanning softwares definitions against a database on the internet and automatically download and install any updates. The sndmon.exe process ensures that your definitions are always the latest. If you stop this process your virus software will go out of date, and thus won't be able to protect your computer as effectively.

It will not really matter which Anti virus programme you use, if you dont trust it and insist on removing vital upgrade parts of it.

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