Is there an advantage having 2 OSs on one PC?

  pj123 14:46 30 Oct 2003

I can't see any advantage in having 2 OSs on one computer. Why would you need 2? Don't all shout at once.

  woodchip 15:17 30 Oct 2003

Well there is more software that will run on Win98, Including games if you are into that sort of thing

  pj123 15:39 30 Oct 2003

woodchip, yes I can understand that but why not just stick with 98SE then. I am running 98SE and have no intention of going to XP. From all the problems I see on the Forum relating to XP I will stay where I am. Have to wait and see what next year's OS will bring?

  woodchip 15:44 30 Oct 2003

One reason I am still with 98......It does all that I want and I know my way around it, plus all the bugs ironed out. Can get into true DOS so there are two ways of sorting probs

  ton 16:08 30 Oct 2003

Several reasons for me. I did it at first just to see if I could.

I have now got 5 OS's, three are Win98SE, one ME and one XP.

I use one of the 98's for trials of software or anything else I want to try. I don't worry what happens on here as when it is full of junk or doesn't work, I can replace it in about 10-15 minutes. It's good not to have to worry about it not working.

Two 98 OS's have different software installed as by not having too much on each one they run better.

The ME OS is just to refer to if one of my friends has a problem with it.

The XP partition is for learning about as eventually 98SE will cease to be as useful with new software and hardware etc.
You only have to think back when everyone used Win 3.1. I don't think a lot of the modern software and hardware would work with this.

For me I would hate to go back to a single OS.

If I have a problem in one OS I can check one of the others to see if it's the same.

It's great if I'm in a hurry and something doesn't work, I can just boot into another OS.

  pj123 16:22 30 Oct 2003

woodchip, I agree entirely with what you say. I know very little about XP, but keep getting told by my clients (I teach IT) that I am going to have to learn, which I am doing reluctantly.

ton, yes another good reason, and, as you say Win98se is already obsolete and not supported anymore but if it works for you don't fix it. But we are already looking at another OS from Microsoft (Longhorn, is it called?) What will that bring, more grief? not enough programmes ready to run on it? not backward compatible? etc...

  pj123 11:53 11 Nov 2003

I will stick with one O/S. Thanks. Ticked.

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