Is there an adaptor to convert VGA to HDMI?

  MuDelta 10:48 29 Mar 2008

Looking at recent posts it seems as though the answer is no – unless one spends a lot of money and ends up with more boxes and cables everywhere. Am I right?

I use my laptop to show pictures on my TV. The connection is by a VGA cable. The TV has just died and I am looking for a new one. All of the new models have HDMI connections and some have VGA as well but some of my preferred choices do not have VGA and my laptop does not have a HDMI outlet. Is it possible to convert the VGA socket on the laptop to HDMI with an adaptor ? Or am I stuck with getting a TV with VGA or getting a new laptop (the latter not really on!)?

  olddick 11:21 29 Mar 2008

Hi, yes they are available but very costly, just google it and you should find some!

  anskyber 11:23 29 Mar 2008

Or you could use a VGA to S Video cable which is much ceaper. Many TVs have S video sockets. click here

I cannot find but I have seen a VGA to Scart as well.

  jack 11:36 29 Mar 2008

Maplin for starters
They come as a simple -Gender Bender type thing.
I have such an item sitting in my Bitzbox that was passed to me because a chum had it in his Monitor box when it came and asked what it was for, and then said for me to keep it.
It has proved its worth in the A/V shows I give here and there

  MuDelta 16:21 29 Mar 2008

Thanks all for your comments. As I feared; no cheap
way if doing it. I will try to choose a TV with VGA or go for VGA to S video.

  MuDelta 16:26 29 Mar 2008

P. S.
anskyber, yes I too have seen AVG to Scart somewhere.

  MuDelta 20:30 29 Mar 2008

Further reading suggests that VGA to S video is not a very good idea. See:-

click here

I think I will accept the restriction of VGA only for my new TV.

  jack 19:40 01 Apr 2008

This little plug/socket thngy should not cosr more than a few pounds from the like of Maplin

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

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