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  steve263000 08:26 21 Apr 2006

I have purchased a space with click here after seeing good reviews in this forum. The prices are good as is the allowed bandwith. More than good in fact.

However after uploading my site using the Ipswith FTP transfer program, my site, click here is having problems. The Front Page themes I have used and the drop down menus on most pages do not work.

Has anybody got any ideas about why? Or should I just drop the whole thing while I am still in the 30 day starter period. I have sent a question in to the support people at heart, but so far have had no reply.

  ade.h 14:56 21 Apr 2006

I assume that it offers FP extensions; have you enabled them?

  steve263000 16:30 21 Apr 2006

I have not got FP extentions enabled, as they do not support them with the package I have taken up. I did not think that themes and menus were part of the extensions. My old site was my NTL homepage package and they certainly did not enable FP extensions. However that worked on there with no problem at all.

  ade.h 16:36 21 Apr 2006

Perhaps not an issue then. I'm not an FP user.

  old&nojob 17:21 22 Apr 2006

It looks like its lost the style sheet connection. Is this what you've used? Perhaps its in the wrong folder! If you read any good book on FP it will tell you what you need extensios for. Have you tried emailing the site manager's help desk?

  Forum Editor 17:46 22 Apr 2006

to upload a Frontpage site - publish your site from within FrontPage, it's designed to work that way.

  steve263000 10:40 27 Apr 2006

Sorry FE for not responding, but other commitments have taken me away from the site for a while. However, I have tried uploading via Frontpage, and it will not work with it. I keep getting a message that it could not find port 21.

I have tried opening another port but nothing seems to work. I have tried, after getting some help from 'heart' re-uploading via another ftp address that they gave me, but nothing at all is changed. Even changes that I have made, for instance a changed web address on one of the pages will not change on the site.

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