is their a problem with this site

  paddy75 15:18 03 Apr 2005

I Have been trying a various times to get logged but keep getting page cannot be displayed,is there a problem with the site.Paddy

  Starfox 16:23 03 Apr 2005
  Technotiger 17:59 03 Apr 2005

Hi, I too have been having same 'problem' - not really a problem at all, I would advise two things 1st, when you get 'page cannot be displayed' just give a tap on F5 on your keyboard, this will refresh the page - this is what I do each time and it works just about every time.

2nd, and I sincerely mean this without intending any personal getting-at-you sort of thing, to you or anyone else - just be a little more patient.


  Buchan 35 23:13 03 Apr 2005

Technotiger, Hello old friend, your post is as usual informative and diplomatic.

  Forum Editor 23:57 03 Apr 2005

and I assure you that we're doing everything we can to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

  Dan the Doctus 00:26 04 Apr 2005

The current server problems seem to be causing a few members to become frustrated. The Internet is a big place and, despite how good this site is, there are plenty of others you can go to. I quite often 'pop in and out' of PCA. Another site I'm very fond of is The Tate - have a look at Turner's Gallery click here (broadband recommended).

  jbp1982 00:44 04 Apr 2005

you are so right it's just a minor glitch and I am sure it will be rectified soon.

And to the F.E. I'd like to say I have been here about a month, and that PCA is great, I'd be lost without it (well for tips, hints and solutions for the PC anyway, lol)

You're doing a top job here and you have my support, for what it's worth. :) I read a few of those other threads....totally uncalled for!

Kind Regards to all


  Forum Editor 00:47 04 Apr 2005

Many thanks - I've had better weekends.

  SANTOS7 00:51 04 Apr 2005

As Mr Ed is burning some midnight oil i am sure it will put a lot of (frustrated) peoples mind at rest that he is replying to the numerous posts on this subject and i am sure PCA will do everything they can as soon as they can......

  Paranoid Android 08:55 04 Apr 2005

I'm sure part of the problem is the server struggling to cope with 20 million emails to FE asking what the problem is.

FE may I suggest for the future a small but prominent area of the homepage could be set aside for system status, known issues or whatever, and perhaps even a planned rectification date. Hopefully then you will only need to say it once.

Keep up the great job.

(Sorry - got a bit crawly there, it won't happen again !!)


  Jakey boy 09:01 04 Apr 2005

Your link just closes my browser, both firefox and IE! (?)

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