- can't get rid of it!

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 20:21 27 Jan 2003

Occassionally with on the net i get i pop up entitled "messenger service" advertising a site called . Have scanned drives using latest ad-aware, spyware guard and spyware blaster. But is STILL randomly poping up. Help.
Will post a screenshot in a min.

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 20:24 27 Jan 2003

click here (100kb zip file)

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 20:42 27 Jan 2003

searched more and still can't stoip it.

just popud up again.

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 20:42 27 Jan 2003

oh and i don't visit any dodgey sites before you all all ask - lol.

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 20:43 27 Jan 2003

just popud up AGAIN - how do i stop this peeps?

  powerless 20:46 27 Jan 2003

Go to Tools > Internet Options > connections > Is it there? Remove if so...

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 20:48 27 Jan 2003

No refdernce to it there.

  JoeC 20:50 27 Jan 2003

from click here - free !! : }}

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 20:52 27 Jan 2003

but are there any specific keys and values to delete?

  Teknik 20:59 29 Jan 2003

I was directed to where I downloaded stop-the-pop-up and it works a treat, I haven't had any more rabbits popping up since lol!

  jazzypop 21:12 29 Jan 2003

click here to get rid of Meesenger pop-ups.

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