Thanks VoG

  [email protected]® 18:38 09 Aug 2005

I would just like to make a public thankyou for all VoGs help. It may have been simple to him but he let me send my file to his private e-mail address and replied with the solution almost immediatly.

I don't think people get thanked enough on here and VoG has helped me numerous times before with my excel queries.

Once again thankyou.

  Noldi 18:56 09 Aug 2005

Its about time he published a excel help book. Sure a best seller.


  Yoda Knight 19:49 09 Aug 2005

"...and the fan club continued to grow at a remarkable rate..."


  mammak 21:21 09 Aug 2005

Hey VOG, Just about to embark on advanced Excel + Data base ,Powerpoint and Word stick around mate. regards Mammak.

  dontnoafing 22:10 09 Aug 2005

i,m gonna join get help with what can sometimes be minor problems(most of mine are)from vog technotiger and all the other regulars is heartwarming indeed.

  TonyV 22:17 09 Aug 2005

Absolutely right! VoG™ is always succinct and to the point on Excel. (As well as many other topics.) Long may it continue! (When the book is published, make sure you plug it here!) Thanks.


  [email protected]® 17:33 10 Aug 2005


  PaulOwen 20:56 10 Aug 2005


  VoG II 21:04 10 Aug 2005

Thanks guys but there really is no need for this. A thanks - or even an acknowledgment that 'it worked' - is sufficient for me.

Whilst I'm flattered I don't think that individual forum members should be singled out in this way. It must make other frequent helpers a bit put out to say the least. In fact the FE did post a thread a while ago about this.

In the case of Excel it is often difficult to describe the problem, especially here where it is not straightforward to post a screenshot or an HTML version of your worksheet (which can be done on MrExcel for example). Therefore it makes sense to me to look at the actual workbook to see what's going on and find a solution (hopefully).

So, thanks [email protected]® but please can you tick this and let it settle into oblivion.

  mattyc_92 21:07 10 Aug 2005

" Whilst I'm flattered I don't think that individual forum members should be singled out in this way"

You deserve it VoG™ and so do MANY others of this forum, but I agree with you, you shouldn't thank individuals by creating a thread about it. Just say how thank-full you are at the end of the thread(s) that he/she helped you with.

  mattyc_92 21:08 10 Aug 2005

"he/she" for the person that you wish to thank.

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