thanks-re microsoft files -can you help me again

  happ 16:12 15 Nov 2003

Thanks to all for the advice and useful downloads
I shall act on all of it.
I wonder if any of you kind souls can help me further. I managed to get AVG antivirus scanning
and it found the viruses, I had to scan 3 times
to get rid of them but eventually it did,thankfully.However what seems to be left
behind is when I click on any of the icons on the desktop or their equivalent in the main folder I get a message that the path cannot be found although I know it`s the correct path
I don`t want to uninstall and reinstall all these programs again so does anyone have any Ideas as to what has gone wrong and what can be done about it.
I`d be most grateful for your help once again.
thanks eric

  hugh-265156 16:21 15 Nov 2003

most virus require system restore to be turned off befor attempting to remove them,maybe thats why you had difficulty not sure.

as for your shortcuts,if you know where the program lives either delete the shortcut and create a new one by right clicking the program in program files etc and select "send to desktop create shortcut" or try:

right click the shortcut on the desktop/properties and in the "target" window,enter the path to the program.

  Rtus 16:24 15 Nov 2003

unfortunately the virus removal tool removes the infected files. depending on the virus you could try healing them from the AVG virus vault..
Apart from that you might try a scanreg restore to a date before the infection If you know it ? To honest though this is where the Backup comes into play..It can restore all the info right back where it belongs as it was before you were zapped..No offence intended there..As soon as you can get things back to Normality Buy the backup software.

  Gongoozler 16:26 15 Nov 2003

happ, you say that you know the path is correct, but can you check one of them out to confirm that this is true. Find an icon, right click on it, select "Properties" and check the entry under the "Shortcut" tab in the Target window. Also click on the "Find Target" button. This should take you to the exe file that starts the program. If the icons are all corrupted somehow, then you may have to rebuild them by clicking on the exe files and creating a shortcut and dragging the shortcut to the desktop.

  Rtus 19:32 15 Nov 2003

I think its Not the shortcuts that are wrong Its the .exe files have been removed during AV removal hence the shortcut no longer applies..Maybe?

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