Thanks to PCA Forum Contributers

  Woolwell 11:33 29 Jul 2013

Thank you to those who contribute to this forum. Yesterday I had to clear from a PC (not my own's) the police scam virus/malware. I knew how to do it because of the threads on the subject in this forum. It worked well. The Malwarebytes scan did take some time. System restore in safe mode did the trick.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:01 29 Jul 2013

" The Malwarebytes scan did take some time."

Did you run the "Full Scan" or the "Quick Scan"? If it was the former then it will take ages. The Quick Scan is dramatically faster as it only searches the locations where malware normally resides and is apparently 99.9% effective. Before I run a Quick Scan I use Disk Cleanup to delete Temp and Temporary Internet Files. The scan then takes a maximum of 15 minutes.

If you want to prevent your friend becoming reinfected, uninstall Java, replace Adobe Reader with a different PDF reader (such as Foxit), and ensure Adobe Flash is always up-to-date. If it's essential to leave Java installed then always update it the moment you're notified.

  Woolwell 12:36 29 Jul 2013

It was the full scan and it found 3 problems. Unfortunately Java is required. Thanks.

  Woolwell 12:37 29 Jul 2013

PS Seemed to have picked it up from a You-tube video site.

  Woolwell 12:40 29 Jul 2013


I got in through Safe Mode with Networking and ran system restore and Malwarebytes from there. Agree about MSE. I cannot now recommend it.

  Woolwell 12:43 29 Jul 2013

MSE was inadvertently helpful as an update to it had created a system restore point only a few hours before the problem.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:56 29 Jul 2013

"Seemed to have picked it up from a You-tube video site."

In that case Adobe Flash was probably the route of infection so make sure your friend updates his Flash Player to the very latest version and always acts on update-notification alerts.

  Woolwell 16:13 29 Jul 2013

I'll go round and run all of the updates as he is not that good at doing them.

  Nontek 16:53 29 Jul 2013


I got my first PC in 2000AD, (my PC knowledge at that time was Zero!) during the first three years I learned a lot from a regular subscription to PC Home Magazine (plus its free discs), then I found PCA and, thanks to these Forums, have continued my learning curve ever since - some years ago I passed a PC knowledge test and was awarded the highly sought-after Degree of Technotiger.

I changed my pseudonym to Nontek a while ago.

  Woolwell 17:46 29 Jul 2013

Nontek - I remember you as Technotiger - grrr.

  john bunyan 19:15 29 Jul 2013


Please include yourself in the thanks to the contributors!! I have noticed how helpful you are...

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