Thanks for nothing BT

  Dinkiz 09:21 05 Feb 2003

Now that I've calmed down somewhat I feel its appropriate just ot let you know of my experience with BT Broadband. Well its quite sim0ply this: Ordered it fine, package was delivered on time...plugged it all in and nothing! Phoned BT and they told me that my line wasn't suitable (too noisy / far from the exchange) and so I could not have the Broadband Service.

Fair enought (I eventually thought) but the annoying thing is, why did they go through all the ordering,delivery etc only for me to find out it didn't work?

So, I guess I'll have to put up with a 56k modem for a while longer then...mind you, I've read about this BT Midband package coming soon....wonder if I'll be able to get that?

I've tried NTL and Blueyonder with no result, but I wass there any other way I can get Broadband type access????

Your hopingly,

  MAJ 09:52 05 Feb 2003

No cheap way, that I know of. There is the satellite option, but that can be expensive and not great for online gaming, if you're into that.

  brittas 11:11 05 Feb 2003

didn't you have a site survey carried out ???

  Spook Tooth 11:24 05 Feb 2003

Was reading about this issue last night in the ADSL guide forums - it's often the case with borderline properties like yours (I guess) that they only discover the noise levels are too great through the final tests carried out by the actual engineer sent to do the job.

It is not something regarded lightly to effectively withdraw a customer's offer of broadband connection, you were just a borderline case that's all. Over the 55dB limit I believe. However, many in the forum made mention of that limit being extended, to 59dB I think, if I remember rightly - so you may be in with a chance, you know! Don't know when but you could keep an eye on it.

But do bear in mind your position, as you are obviously on the limits to the 5km rule from the exchange, and might suffer from such a service if it was offered, even if you did squeeze in within the raised dB (noise) catchment. The alternatives you have explore, asides from moving house, there is also the option of Cable, if it is available in your area of course.

  Dinkiz 06:27 06 Feb 2003

Hi Spook Tooth,
Unfortunately we don't have cable in our road either (probably because we're a dead end lane) so, I'll just have to write my Christmas list early this year to see what Santa can do.

Dinkiz :o)

  Spook Tooth 18:56 06 Feb 2003

Hello. Sadly I live too far away from Liverpool (my nearest cabled up area) to take advantage of NTL and Telewest's offerings, like you also. It would require an awful lot of additional work, if I decided to hook my own line up to it from there, especially if I had to lay it myself... lol.

You have my sympathies - hope Santa is kind to you then.

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