thanks for nothing !

  [DELETED] 10:38 08 Oct 2003

if you look at this posting click here posted several days ago i have not had one reply, this situation still exists, what gets me annoyed is that there are plenty of postings to IE: "the euro" 52 in all, and what i would like to know is why the FE does not limit these posting / replies, as every time somebody posts to these "this ended in complete drivel by the way" genuine problems get shoved down a place, so then when you end up on page four for example you will never be seen, so what do we do, we bump it to get back to the top, i have even had people bump my posts because they have tried to help but were unable to, then you get postings such as woodchips "fed up with PCA" 44 replies all overloading the servers and repeating one another complaining of page loading speeds, as the editor i found it strange that you did not reply to my post in "fed up with pca" copied here:

forum editor
having posted quite a few questions myself, i seem to remember that at one time when you were sent an e-mail to tell you that someone had posted on your subject, the link took you directly to the page showing your subject, and not as it is now whereby you have to login each time, where is the problem with including the cleared login data in the address that you send, the fact that every reply goes through three pages trebles the load on your server.

as i am one of umpteen thousand that buy your mag and use your website, the adverts for and the like, will not stop me from clicking straight through to my posting.

that said has anyone had this problem with outlook 2000 (see link above "please")as i still only have web mail at the moment.


  [DELETED] 10:51 08 Oct 2003

Perhaps no one knows the answer. I see you haven't posted info about your ISP, what update you installed, what type of connection you have or the operating system.

Threads like "i changed something now it doesn't work" don't help themselves if they don't ACCURATELY describve the problem.

So what if other problems are solved first! Is this your forum? Do you pay for it?

Stop throwing your toys out of the pram and wait for a response.

  Andsome 10:54 08 Oct 2003

Before being so rude, did you not stop to think that possibly no one who read your thread was able to help? I too sometimes need help, and sometimes help is forthcoming, at other times unfortunately it is not. If I am in a position to offer help having read a thread I always do so, but having read your extremely rude tirade above, I would not offer help on this occasion even were I able to do so. I hope that no one else offers help to such a rude offensive person. A little politeness goes a long way.

  [DELETED] 10:55 08 Oct 2003

er...did I miss something? I didn't realise you had the right to get a reply to your problem. You aren't paying for this help so what gives you the right to expect someone to reply?

You could help anyone who may still be tempted to help you by actually giving some details of the problem in your other thread. Do you get any error messages? What ISP are you using, and which one are you dialed up on?

This thread is just another thread that doesn't really serve a purpose.

  graham√ 10:55 08 Oct 2003


  Andsome 10:57 08 Oct 2003

Please everyone, just ignore this rude person, HE DOES NOT DESERVE HELP..

  [DELETED] 11:01 08 Oct 2003

Ahhhhh; bless.

Have you tried repair option in Office? Have you TOTAL (no prog files left, even in registry) uninstalled it then reinstalled?

  [DELETED] 11:16 08 Oct 2003

Sorry,have to agree with the above and lack of info and only now i note your using outlook 2000.

I am not perfect myself at times but to name good members in that way is not right eh.

I have personaly been around this site for almost 20hrs on the trot,wish i had picked up your first post before.We could have had a good long session.(might not have solved it)

Post the info lets see what can be done,would suggest a Withdrawal of your above comments though.

  [DELETED] 12:50 08 Oct 2003

to all

have tried repair and it is still the same. tried system restore and still the same.

far from being rude i mearly stated the facts, that people seem to be more interested in slagging people off, and yes i ommited some detail in my posting there are an awful lot of omisions in a lot of postings, this is not the end of the world, or is it?

Jester2K II
when you say, maybe no one knows the answer, i do not think that we know the answers to a lot of questions that are posted, but between us we eliminate some areas and on great number of occaisons solve the problem.


could not disagree with what you say however it was not an attack on the people who posted the question's, i was mearly demostrating that with all the moaning about the forum being slow, people post to non relevant discussions, when a question goes two days without so much as a "what os are you using" then i think that there are situations where the post that one has made gets shoved onto the next page and then downwards,

My opinion is that this post was to demonstrate exactly what is happening on this forum and any body who thinks that this is a personal rude attack on them, i can assure them it is not.

as for the right to a reply, agreed it is not available, however to post to other irelevant subjects, demoting other posts to the next page is not a right either, all i am saying that when a subject whether it be jovial or topical has had a fair airing say 20 posts, i think the FE should call it a day so as to give other posts to opertunity to be answered.

i have seen this happen in the past, i have also posted to non irrelevant / jovial posts but once only, not four or five times, the people who do this know who they are, and will hopefully take note of this posting.

  [DELETED] 12:55 08 Oct 2003

Suggest you find another forum if you don't like it here.

Its a free resource - use it and accept the way it is or go else where.

  [DELETED] 13:02 08 Oct 2003

that I have posted problems and have not received any answers and I try to be explicit with my questions. However I have received loads of help with the majority of my postings and have learned an amazing wealth if knowledge from this helproom.
How can you be so arrogant as to expect everyone to "jump to it". it costs nothing to apologise to the dedicated members that try their best to solve our problems.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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