Thanks for the Help

  Bebee 19:22 06 Jan 2010

Having got some good advice from the forum I thought it would be cowardly not to offer the site I produced up for comment!

The aim was to reflect the society and bring the image a bit more up to date but produce something the older members would be comfortable with.

There's design elements I'm not over-happy with but the society seem to like it. I think the most difficult element was sorting the navigation.

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  Bebee 10:13 07 Jan 2010

Thanks for taking the time to look at it - very much appreciated.

I admit I hadn't tried a screen size down to 768 - I'll look at a redesign of the layout if this seems to be problem generally.

I don't get the 'dance around' effect in any browser, so I'm not sure where that's coming from.

I added the 'select a link' when I was still working on the navigation - as an extra option. I think it's probably superfluous now.

The links at the bottom I'd meant to go back to - changing the font colour is tricky in NOF as they're part of the site style - I think I can change the background colour to give clearer visibility.

I'll add the * - well spotted!

The news page is thin at the moment. The idea is that it develops with the site. I have put it in as a form so that the members of the Committee can add news items themselves without needing me to update the site constantly. I'll see how it develops and review it. Part of the idea of the site is that it will be a focus for communication with members.

I'm sure the typos will turn up - although I am a bit OCD with that.

Thanks again - very helpful.

  Chris the Ancient 11:44 07 Jan 2010

Well done on getting where you have with the website. It looks quite professional.

I will reiterate what fourm member has said about the 'dancing around' on the top menu bar. I found it happened both in IE and in Firefox.

Apart from the other minor points spotted, I can't see anything that makes me throw my hands up in horror; so it's looking as though it's nearly there.

  Bebee 14:29 07 Jan 2010

Thanks to both of you for the time and advice - it really is very much appreciated.

fourm member - I will spend some time on the corrections! A proof reader is always invaluable.

I can't reproduce the problem with the picture of the theatre in IE8 - I'll check the page carefully, maybe rearrange a bit and try uploading it again.

I think the jumping about in the menu is an effect that NOF puts in as part of the rollover - I must admit it doean't particularly appeal to me. I'll have a play and see if I can change it.

Thanks for the encouraging comments on the site in general - I was trying to get across a sense of fun and help to draw in new members.

  Bebee 16:41 07 Jan 2010

Thanks for that - I'll see what I can find out on that.

And thanks for the information on screen resolution - I was surprised but it's worth taking account of.

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