Thanks to All

  Cesar 10:04 11 Jun 2004

I am a War Disabled Veteran (Deafness) and I cannot speak to highly of Helproom, as phone conversations are out of my reach Helproom helps me tremendlously I have been helped lot,s of times in the past and look forward hopefully to the future, I do not wish to sort out individuals but VoG heads the list, and to all you other individuals in this forum a mighty thanks.

  Dan the Confused 14:38 11 Jun 2004

I agree with you Cesar, and I'm sure forum members appreciate your thanks.

  VoG II 21:15 11 Jun 2004

Thank you Cesar - yes the Helproom is a wonderful place and helps loads and loads of people from "newbies" with "simple" questions to very experienced people raising detailed technical issues.

However, I do wish that you had not singled me out. I do appreciate it but there are loads of others who know more and do more than I do on here. My problem is that I simply cannot keep my nose out of any post that I (think) I know something about.

If anybody should be singled out it is the Forum Editor who watches over us, chips in from time to time, and when necessary steps in to prevent threads falling into anarchy.

Can I have my platinum mouse now, please :o)

  Fred the flour grader 22:04 11 Jun 2004

VoG, I agree with Cesar, I think some of the guys who correct me when I'm in trouble deserve medals as big as dustbin lids, Thanks a lot. Fred

  Forum Editor 23:24 11 Jun 2004

it's great to hear from a satisfied customer, Cesar. The whole is the sum of the parts, and the service we provide here just wouldn't be possible without our wonderful band of forum regulars. These people - some of whom have been members here for years - give freely of their expertise and time, and I'm personally delighted for them when someone takes the time to post a vote of thanks.

Nobody helps here because they're looking for gratitude or praise, but I know that it's welcome when it comes spontaneously like this.
If I had a stock of platinum mice I would happily dish out dozens of them.

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