thanks to all

  Kegsy 20:50 07 Oct 2003

Just like to say a big thank you to all u people out there who have answered my queries, I really do appreciate your help, seriously!

  padawan 14:46 10 Oct 2003

not ever had the answer to any of your problems. i would just like to take the time join you in this little thankyou page. I for one have had a lot problems, due to being new to this kind of thing. The advice we all get, whether it be helpful or not, its nice to know that there is always someone who is willing to help. I`m a complete novice so this forum is great for people like myself.

  smegs 14:59 10 Oct 2003

Well, all I can say is THANKYOU for posting that. It seems to me that people want help and when they get it and they have sorted the problem out, they DON'T say THANKYOU. I know people shouldn't expect a THANKYOU but it would be nice. Again THANKYOU. Shaun

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