Thank you PCA

  Djohn 15:04 23 Mar 2004

Porridge made a post asking FE a question click here

Unfortunatly the thread deteriorated with whine's and moans from some of us. I also made a couple of post to the thread [In support of PCA] I would like to say in this thread how pleased I am with the service provided by PCA.

The members of this forum are a great bunch of people, very knowledgeable and willing to spend their time [Unpaid] to help others with problems. Even if some of us don't have the answer, we still post with words of encouragement until someone with the answer comes along.

PCA provide this forum free of charge to all who wish to come and look for help and we as a whole must have saved many people thousands of pounds over the years by providing this free service.

PCA have just made a major change to the forum by moving to a new building and new servers, Teething problems are bound to occur but instead of the full support of it's members in understanding this and offering support and encouragement, as we do to others. Some of us have decided to have a moan at FE and other people involved in this move. Totally uncalled for and unjustified.

Well done and thank you to all the people involved in the move and getting us all back on-line in as short a time as possible. Thank you PCA for providing this forum. Thank you FE for editing the forum in a professional manner and my support for the way you handle the day to day running of same. At times a thankless task.

Now back to the second paragraph, (The members). It is us that make the forum what it is, "the best". If we can offer support to each other and do our best to help with problems, why have we left PCA out of this? A slight problem that people are working to resolve and we moan instead of offering support and encouragement.

I have offered my support and encouragement in this thread, it would be nice to see other like-minded people do the same.

  VoG II 15:06 23 Mar 2004

Well said Djohn. Agree 100%.

  Smiler 15:08 23 Mar 2004

Well said Djohn. Three cheers for all the folks at PCA

  Diemmess 15:22 23 Mar 2004

Add me to Djohn's list please.

Happy to admit that I spend far too much time on here for the sheer value in knowledge and entertainment. There is the satisfaction of occasionally putting things right for someone else, because I remember how "it was for me."

  Nipsen 2 15:24 23 Mar 2004

I think you said it all Djohn, well done ! This PCA forum as helped me with many PC related problems. "A great forum" Cheers Nipsen.

  GaT7 15:25 23 Mar 2004

Couldn't have said it better, Djohn.

Thanks PCA, thanks FE & all the other unsung heroes/heroines that contribute to the site's huge success, not forgetting the very helpful members themselves.

Wishing you all the very BEST & keep up the GREAT work! Regards, G

  Clint2 15:29 23 Mar 2004

Djohn, I totally endorse your statement.

  Dumble452 15:31 23 Mar 2004

Couldn't agree more. Thanks and keep up the good work

  holly polly 15:37 23 Mar 2004

Signed .Sealed .Delivered,and Seconed -Hol pol..
Gday John told you i'll be back (in a terminator voice-lol)-regards-Roger...

  Indigo 1 15:47 23 Mar 2004

You are absolutey right on. I could not have said it better myself.

I too enjoy spending too many hours on this site in the quest for knowledge and it is starting to pay off, I also try to offer a little of that knowledge back to others because I remember how little I knew before I found PCA.

Many thanks to PCA for this FREE service and all the free PC support anyone could ever need.

Well done PCA on a successful and virtually pain free move to new premises.

I can only imagine what a logistical nightmare it must have been and you pulled it off without a hitch.

  Lozzy 15:48 23 Mar 2004

Just back from my stint in the states and catching up on all the threads. Well said and I agree with you 200%..

FE and PCA well done and congrats on the move.. One comment PCA I read your sister Mag in the states "PC World" They would do well if they followed your format of the magazine there's is not very good. I wouldn't purchase it again. Not the same detail or in depth articles like in PCA.. Perhaps a little constructive criticism would there sales some good.

Keep up the great work,,

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