TFT,CRT, Plasma or a tv

  Jomi 14:30 17 Jul 2005

I'd like to upgrade to a much larger screen, mainly for gaming, which of the above will give me the best value for money without too big a loss in quality.

I currently have the mitsibishi diamond pro plus 19" which is excellent.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:59 17 Jul 2005

For gaming stick with a CRT for best quality and price.

TFT ok to safe desk space and eye stain but not so good for quality video editing / gaming

Plasma too expensive and burn in after alot of use approx 5 ear life span

TV quality is poor for use with PC

  Jomi 15:23 17 Jul 2005

Thank you Fruit Bat /\0/
The plasma screens seem to be quite a bit cheaper than tft (I'm hoping I can afford something in the 36" range)but I was told recently that Plasma is 'old technology' and very fragile.
I haven't seen anything of that kind of size in CRT which was why I asked about TV - I thought they'd be similar.

Maybe someone could point me in the direction of large screen CRT?


  Strawballs 23:54 17 Jul 2005

My laptop had a screen failure and had to go back for repair and had to connect it to my 28" wide screen tv to transfer some the information that my wife was working on for her buisness to 1 of the desktops and it was very difficult to see properly (quite blury)

  De Marcus 00:09 18 Jul 2005

Burn in after a 5 year life span is a common misconception click here

  Jomi 22:02 18 Jul 2005

Thank you all for the postings and links, I'll reply when I get finished wading through it all - should be about September!!!!

  Danoh 23:38 18 Jul 2005

My boys are very pleased with our Toshiba 36 CRT, especially the dark scenes in some games which show up very well compared to plasma or TFT. There’s also good optical connections for Xbox and plenty of other connections (component, RGB, progressive scan, etc., etc). It also has a built in sub-woofer and 5 speaker surround sound. Does not get close to a dedicated home cinema setup but its still manages to convey the surround sound stage, especially if someone is coming round the side or behind you.

But beware, its very heavy due to thickness of the glass thickness required to maintain such a large volume at very low pressure (near vaccuum).

But if you won't be buying until Sept, check out the newer TFT screens as they seem to be improving all the time, and prices are coming down. They may have a bit of blur and has less contrast and narrower viewing angles, but price wise would not be hugely more then a CRT. Check them out with your own eyes and preferably a favourite game with dark scenes and fast action.

Plasmas tend to kick in at the larger (> 42 inch) sizes.

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