orlandogreenback 22:46 23 Sep 2004

With particular reference to Samsung, who've offered me an exchange for a brand new 17 inch TFT monitor. Anyone have experience of their TFTs? Are the rumours about TFTs true (ie, you need a big, quality one or they're a waste of time) and can anyone recommend switching from a perfectly good CRT simply because they take up less room, or are there other benefits?
Thanks in advance.

  Ive 22:57 23 Sep 2004

Just got a new system with a free cheapie tft (ag neovo F-417) 17" and the screen is brilliant in comparison to my 19 " crt. Bright, clear, and excellent colours, plus now got loads of desk space.

  kspatto 23:04 23 Sep 2004

tft is good for type face and non moving images also it has no flicker so is easyier on your eyes but crt is better at everything else and a damn sight cheaper if somewhat bulkier see this link click here

also try a search of the forum this ones been answered loads of times


  Djohn 03:00 24 Sep 2004


No flicker, more important though and rarely mentioned is no reflection from the screen at all under any lighting conditions.

Perfect geometry and flat display with no warm up time, adjustments to display never required except to set contrast/brightness when used for the first time, even with analogue connection.

Absolute evenness of colour and brightness across the whole display unless there is a fault.

latest batch of TFT panels are perfect for gaming or watching movies from DVD with no ghosting or trails, only the fastest moving games with a very fastidious user will show slight trailing.

To obtain the best display, must be used at the native resolution or the display will suffer. 15" panels are usually 1024x768 17" panels 1280x1024 there are exceptions to this and the resolution can be even higher but not lower, especially on some laptops so check first.

High resolution means crisper display but smaller text/graphics - this can be a problem if eyes not too good. I have got round this now by having my normal specs for long distance and instead of reading specs I asked the optician for VDU optimised ones, allows me to sit at anything from 24 to 48 inches from screen with perfect vision of both the screen and keyboard.


Needs careful setting up and regular adjustment to obtain best picture display. Warm up time of at least 30 minutes before accurate adjustment to contrast/brightness/colour and geometry can be adjusted.

Much wider angle of view without losing quality of display. Colours are more accurate with a truer black/white setting but the difference between them and TFT's is getting less as the months go by and some graphic artist are now using TFT's in preference to CRTs. CRTs are still the first choice of most graphic artist though.

Ability to change the resolution to a very high setting for detailed work or low setting for large easy to read display without losing any quality of the display, text/graphics remain sharp and detailed.

I used a 19" top quality CRT monitor with a diamondtron panel for three years with no complaints at all, lovely display and easy on the eyes. I changed over to a 17" TFT some eighteen months back, [Almost the same size as 19" CRT panel due to the difference in the way they are made]. Again no problems at all and mulched preferred the TFT except for the smaller text in web forums such as this one but new spectacles fixed this.

Would I change back to a CRT? I have thought about it on a couple of occasions but on looking at one I immediately change my mind and say "No way".

Now after all this typing in an attempt to help you decide which is best for you, I'm sorry to say it - but it is all down to you. Everyone of us see advantages/disadvantages in both types of display. I think that up until last year it was a 50/50 split on forum members as to which was the best type. I have a feeling that now it will be more like 70/30 in favour of a TFT.

Even the top rated CRT from PCA mag is a model that was last tested two years back. I have a feeling that the good old CRT is on the way out but still as a lot of life left in it especially the high end models used for critical work.

I hope I've given you a little help and not added more confusion, other forum members will add to this, pick up on any mistakes or omissions from myself good luck on whichever type you choose, pick the best you can afford as it is probably the main factor in your enjoyment of using your PC.

  Djohn 03:13 24 Sep 2004

Sorry for the couple of typo's in post above, It's the time of morning that caused it! ;o)

In reference to the link provided by kspatto, you will see that the Forum Editor prefers a CRT, that post is an old one and since then the FE has bought a 19" AOC TFT and is very pleased with it. Using it for most of his work now I believe. I have the 17" version of the same make.

  orlandogreenback 16:50 24 Sep 2004

Sorry this question's been done so many times before; I really wanted to ask with the slant on Samsung. They're offering me the Syncmaster 172v, which seems to me to be adequate as TFTs go. Then again, the 753s was only adequate as far as CRTs go, but it's always done a nice job for someone like me who's not a hardcore gamer and can't afford to be picky (just careful!).

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:06 24 Sep 2004

I changed from CRT (CTX PR705F 17" with Sony FD Trinitron tube) to a Philips 170C4 17" TFT about ten months ago.

I will never buy another CRT monitor.

  Djohn 17:21 24 Sep 2004

click here Found this review on the model you are interested in. Hope it is of some help to you.

Regards. dj.

  Djohn 17:34 24 Sep 2004

Just read the review and I'm not too impressed with the fact it constantly lost its phasing and needed re-adjusting. This should not happen even with analogue connection. The angle of view in the vertical plane is quite narrow at 120 degrees, I think you may find this a problem, I would.

To give you some idea of what 120 degrees is. It is acute enough that if you move your head slightly up/down you will notice a distinct difference in the colour and brightness of the display on the screen from the top to the bottom.

I would recommend a viewing angle of at least 140 degrees, preferably 160 or more.

  orlandogreenback 15:34 26 Sep 2004

I've tried to take everything you've said into account. Frankly I'm still undecided, and another question has popped into my tech-addled brain. I've run so many searches on this thing I've lost count, and can only find one true review (the one you pointed out Djohn); most of the shopping sites don't stock it any more, and it isn't present on Samsung's own products site. Am I being fed something duff, outdated and therefore potentially troublesome here? I can't see the point in trading my CRT for something that's been discontinued, and is simply clogging up some distant part of the Samsung warehouse. Or am I being paranoid? The last thing I want is to have to get involved with their customer support again.

  Djohn 17:21 26 Sep 2004

I have no personal experience of the model you have been offered so I can only go by the review we've read and the specification provided. Put this together with my own experience of CRT monitors and the AOC TFT monitor I have now[Which is outstanding but much better specs].

My personal feeling is to go for the CRT model, you will have a monitor that has good viewing angles, sharp display and the ability to change resolution to suit without losing quality of display. I'm sorry that I can't be more positive but your own feeling expressed above and the poor review of the TFT would steer me away from that particular one.

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