TFT screen size.

  [email protected] 21:45 18 Nov 2007

My 19" CRT will make way for a TFT next month, and I have been visiting shops to "see" what they look like. I have opted for a Samsung Syncmaster 2232BW.
While discussing the merits of this monitor in the shop the salesman asked what size I was using now. 19" I replied. Ah, he said, you would be better only going to a 20" as you may find the 22" too large!!!
I use it for flt sim and the usual/normal office stuff, so I would welcome any comments about the size jump.
Has anyone gone from 19" to 22" and found it too large for whatever reason?
Desktop space is not a problem so I would have thought if one finds ones head is moving side to side too much you just move it a bit further away!
Is there a size/viewing distance equation as for the lounge TV?
Must admit I was a bit, uhhh, unprepared for this bearing in mind the salesman is probably on commission and would win more by selling the larger...

  Andsome 21:52 18 Nov 2007

It has to be a matter of personal choice. I bought my 17" sceen a couple of years ago to replace a 15" model. I could NOT imagine wanting to go any larger than this, I would imagine that I would need to move further away. If you are comfortable with what you have, why change? Bigger is not always better.

  Totally-braindead 21:56 18 Nov 2007

I had a 19" CRT and went to a 17" TFT as the size is about the same as a TFT doesn't loose part of the screen due to being enclosed by the case.
So for you a 19" TFT might appear bigger than your old CRT.
I have only so much desktop space so a 19" is probably all I could handle and I would certainly like one.
I am not sure if I would like a 22" it might be a bit big for me with normal use, I think it would be great for games but might be a problem for me on the likes of this Forum.
I think its a personal thing, if you can get used to a really big screen you might well like it.

  [email protected] 21:58 18 Nov 2007

Hi Andsome.
I agree about the personal choice of course.
I saw several 20" and a few 22" working in the shop, and to me there was no difference in picture quality. The only major size difference for me is going from the 4:3 format to 16:9. and the 22" just seemed more like what I am looking at now.

  [email protected] 22:06 18 Nov 2007

Hi Totally. I have to admit I was unprepared for the advice I was given. Just looking at the 22 in the shop never gave the slightest thought that it may be too large.
I was just wondering if anyone had made a 19CRT SQUARE jump to 22TFT WIDE and regretted it?

  Tim1964 00:02 19 Nov 2007

Remember that the 22" wide screen will not be as high (16:9)as the 19" (4:3) one.

My daughter's new laptop is a widescreen model and it's great for watching DVDs but I find that web pages seem cut off at the bottom and therefore need scrolling to see all the page.

  Simsy 06:50 19 Nov 2007

want to consider, is the native resolutions.

If the native, (i.e optimum), resolution of the bigger screen is the same as the smaller screen, then the same amount of "stuff" will appear on the screen, each "thing", (eg icon), will be bigger...

On the other hand, if the bigger screen has a greater resolution more "stuff" will appear on screen, and each "thing" will be smaller. Depending on your eyesight this might make things difficult to read.

It shouldn't be a problem... but might be something you want to check/test.



  steve0 07:24 19 Nov 2007

OK totally over the top.. I run 1920X1080 on a 40" Samsung LCD tv as my monitor. You can never be too large!

  Andsome 08:28 19 Nov 2007

You can never be too large!

As the actress said to the bishop.

  PA28 08:39 19 Nov 2007

I went from a 4:3 19" TFT to a 16:9 widescreen 22" TFT. For flightsim it's great, and for other applications the amount of desktop you have is more useful than I could have imagined. Personally I would think that if you went from a 19" to a 20" widescreen you would actually find it too small. Go for the 22" (it's roughly the same height as you 19", but wider.

  €dstowe 08:41 19 Nov 2007

As has been said, it is a matter of personal choice and what you're comfortable with.

In my studio there are various size screens which my employees use and I've looked at most of them. For me, a 17" screen works best. It gives the definition I want and, something that isn't often mentioned, I can look at the screen without my eyes having to scan side to side to much to be able to see properly - ergo, less eye strain. This may not be important for occasional or short term use but, if you're at the screen most of the day, it can be tiring to be continually scanning side to side.

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