TFT screen problems

  griffo 11:34 28 Jun 2003

I have 2 HP omnibook XE3 laptops that are 16 months old. One has a failed back light on its' screen and the other has shown early signs of a pending failure! Ironically, they are just 4 months beyond their warranty!

I imagine that the TFT screen just plugs into a multi-pin adaptor inside the lid? If this is so and a "reasonably competent" person could do the job - can anyone advise if it is possible to get either a new backlight or (as I suppose)a new TFT panel. If this is possible can you suggest a source and approx. cost?

many thanks

  Big Elf 14:05 28 Jun 2003

I would get in touch with HP even though they're out of warranty as this may be a problem with that model and they may replace or repair as a goodwill gesture.

  griffo 17:28 28 Jun 2003

have done that - waiting for reply but with no expectation

  griffo 15:15 29 Jun 2003

I suspect you're right after all, why let someone carry out a repair on something small like a screen backlight, when you can get them to scrap the whole machine and buy a new one! Or is that too cynical of me?

I will not be buying HP again, that's for sure.

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