TFT screen problems!

  sorefingers 22:38 17 Jun 2003

..I'm still looking into the annoying problem of flickering whilst scrolling on these monitors.
I bought and had to return a 17" from Staples...gorgeous machine, but it flickered badly when I scrolled online or using Word etc....would the problem lessen or even disappear if I invested in a dvi connection?

  jazzypop 22:41 17 Jun 2003

Flickering when scrolling is often due to a lesser quality graphics card (or drivers).

  VoG® 22:41 17 Jun 2003

Are you sure its the monitor and not your graphics card?

  VoG® 22:41 17 Jun 2003

Answers in stereo...

  Djohn 22:59 17 Jun 2003

Think I would agree with both above. I can scroll as fast as my sore-fingers allow me to, and there is no flicker or blur on the screen. j.

  sorefingers 23:19 17 Jun 2003

..on my new base unit (HP Pavillion 483)is the Radeon 9000 64mb...I have yet to try a TFT with this I therefore worrying unduly?

  DieSse 10:02 18 Jun 2003

The DVI connection will not affect it one way or another, to answer your specific question.

  big staff 11:54 18 Jun 2003

It appears to be a bit of a problem with tft monitors. When I changed from a 17" crt I noticed a bad flicker when scrolling. It actually put some strain on my eyes. Somebody on this site said I would get used to it and to a certain extent I have. Now that the novalty of a space saving flat screen has worn off I wish I hadn't sold my Crt. That's (upgrading) life I suppose!!

  Djohn 14:29 18 Jun 2003

There is no problem with TFT's and scrolling! I'm sorry to hear you have a problem with flickering of your display, but suggest you have another look for the cause.

It would seem a shame to miss out on the benefits of your monitor, if some other component was responsible. Regards. j.

  tamc98 14:41 18 Jun 2003

I have a 15" Proview TFT monitor and a weedy Radeon VE (32mb) graphics card but have never had a problem with flicker or any other display problems.
Are you sure you have all the right drivers installed and have set the monitor up properly.
HTH. Tony

  wee eddie 18:57 18 Jun 2003

the way a TFT is made you would have managed to work out why you are experiencing this problem.

As your letters move up/down the screen the diodes or whatever they are called, are being illuminated or not as the case might be.

It's probably a bit like being Car Sick. Your cure is to take a sip of coffee as you scroll and then read the text when it is immobile.

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