TFT screen problem

  THOMAS 16:05 23 Aug 2003

I have a sony 15" TFT,quite often the screen goes very cloudy,sometimes it has vertical lines of various colours,it gets so bad that the desktop is impossible to make out.If i touch the edges of the frame or squeeze the frame it corrects itself.Is it possible to undo the screen and have a look inside the frame to see if it is just a poor connection inside.Thanks for any advice

  DieSse 16:07 23 Aug 2003

I wouldn't recommend it unless you are prepared for the chance you may permanently damage it.

All monitors have a 3-year warranty these days, normally on-site direct from th manufacturer (or their agent) - Give them a call - look on the web site for how.

  The Sack 16:08 23 Aug 2003

I would go with the warranty idea as well.

  tamc98 16:09 23 Aug 2003


Not recommended! If I were you I'd contact Sony UK and see what they say before you start poking.
How long have you had it and where did you get it from?


  tamc98 16:10 23 Aug 2003

Going to have to start typing faster :¬)

  THOMAS 16:29 23 Aug 2003

The monitor is over three years old.It was bought on-line from Watford electronics i think.I just wondered if was possible to remove the corner screws and have a quick look to see if was anything obvious before i take it to a specialist.

  DieSse 16:39 23 Aug 2003

Well, in this case I would have a peek - conscious of the fact that if I screwed it up, I'd have to get a new one anyway.

Sorry - it's unusual to see TFTs over 3 years old - hence the automatic assumption about warranty.

  DieSse 23:28 23 Aug 2003

By email

"Interesting DieSse are you saying that TFT monitor doesn't last more than three years i have just bought one not cheap i could have bought two CRT monitors for what i paid for the TFT"

No - I said it's unusual to see one more than three years old - they were not sold in anything like large quantities then, so most of them out there are still under warranty!

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