TFT Problem

  jbee401 02:36 31 Aug 2004

Hi! Guys,
Can anybody out there suggest what the problem may be with my Sony SDM-M51.(Now 3yrs old)After POST and XP springing into life, its not long before the screen turns to all shades of the rainbow in vertical stripes, and then fades down to an over all mixture of shades of greens.(unusable)Its not the GR card as Ive cross checked this by hooking up the wifes TFT of the same model and all works good.Is it a screen internal component failure that can be reliably fixed? Or is it time to go for renewal.(uuurrrhh)
Thanks - jbee401

  dez fowler 02:46 31 Aug 2004

Sounds bust, it's not gonna be anything you can fix yourself and a shop will prolly send it back to Sony. If it's 3 years old it's about time for a new one anyway as TFT technology's come on in leaps and bounds since then.

  wee eddie 03:10 31 Aug 2004

In a very positive and pleasant manner.

After all you may be in a position of having to spend some money if it is busted.

They may have a solution to your problem, even though it may be long out of warranty.

Or, it has been known for companies to offer a preferential rate on a new product to keep a previously satisfied customer on board.

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