staples printer cartridge 12:10 04 Jun 2003

I am thinking of upgrading my monitor. I cuurentl have a 17" Iiyama which I am quite happy with but fancy a change. The computers is used for the longest periods with games. Question is do I go for a 21/22" CRT or a 17" TFT? An advice would be welcome.

  captain birdseye 12:22 04 Jun 2003

Our drawing office all had 21" Iiyama CRTs and I recently (6 months ago)changed them for 18" TFT LCDs. One person hung on to his old CRT and is now asking to change so the general feeling is in favour of TFT LCDs. Make sure that you pick the optimum resolution though. 21" Iilyamas are monstously big, would you have room for it anyway?

  Gongoozler 12:55 04 Jun 2003

This question has been around many times in the past, and although TFT prices are slowly coming down, they are still much higher than equivalent CRT. I think the general conclusion is still the same.

TFT monitors have precisely located pixels, which can give crisper appearing text and graphics, but unless you get a really good one, the refresh rate of the pixels can result in smearing of a moving image, and dead pixels can cause annoying coloured dots anywhere in the screen. Some TFT monitors also suffer from narrow viewing angles and unnatural colours.

CRT monitors have scanned pictures which is essentially an analogue process, so the pixels are less precisely defined, having a rising edge and a falling edge. The 3 colours of a pixel are also scanned individually and so are not always precisely co-located causing colour fringeing. However refresh rates on modern CRT monitors are generally very high so fast moving images are very well defined, and the CRT has no pixels to die.

Also, of course large screen CRT monitors take up a LOT of desk space.

If you opt for a CRT, I would recommend either a Mitsubishi or Iilyama, either of them with Mitsubishi NF screen. If you opt for a TFT panel, then have a careful look at them before you choose. You will be spending too much to take a chance on whether you will like the display when you get it home.

  Monitor Master 13:05 04 Jun 2003

Hello there I have a 22" iiyama monitor (Vision Master Pro 510) which I am very pleased with they are ideal for games, movies and have good resolution support and high refresh rates.

I have heard that for games which you say you use your computer for CRT monitors are a lot better as you are stuck for resolution support and also refresh rates on the TFT screens. I think that TFT screens are ideal though for internet, and office work but for games CRT (as long as you have the space).

Hope this helps


  PA28 13:44 04 Jun 2003

I use (and have done for a year now) a Relysis 15" TFT at home for business, imaging, net and Flightsims (which is about the only game I play - oh, apart from BVE trainsims, and GTA3 and a few others which my son's bought and installed!). I also use a 17"CRT in my office.

Of the two the TFT is far superior (even though this model is at the bottom end of the scale budgetwise) and I have no problems with games. The point about native resolution is important though - most 15" TFTs are set at 768x1032 which most games will accommodate. However 17" TFTs normally have a higher resolution (because the actual pixels are of the same size in a bigger screen area, I guess) which may be a problem.

I would go for TFT everytime - particularly with prices coming down as they are. The particular advantage that I've found (apart from reclaiming my desk) is that I have far less headaches than when using a CRT.

  Djohn 13:53 04 Jun 2003

I was using a Taxan 19" CRT monitor for just over two years, Excellent quality and display. Changed to AOC 17" TFT couple of months back, and have only one regret.

I should have made the change two years back! :o)

  staples printer cartridge 19:24 05 Jun 2003

Hmm, looks like I willl go for a decent TFT. Thanks everyone

  spuds 19:40 05 Jun 2003

If you are going to purchase a TFT, be a little wary to those with speakers.A friend as recently purchased a AOC TFT,and the speaker sounds are very poor.

  DieSse 19:47 05 Jun 2003

Well if you want an opposite point of view - i sell both, and so have the opportunity to have quite a few on my desk.

I wouldn't give a TFT house room - except for size, I have not seen one which matches my (budget) flat screen CRT for - clarity, uniformity of brightness, , viewing angle, lack of smearing, ability to run clearly in different resolutions, lack of dottiness on text - to name but a few!

If you want an opinion, I think too many people pay the extra for a TFT then have to justify their extra spend by rationalising it!

  -pops- 19:54 05 Jun 2003

My views are exactly those of DieSse. Give me a correctly adjusted CRT any day.


  Kelco 20:02 05 Jun 2003

Anyone heard anything (pos or neg) about the Samsung SyncMaster 171S.

This is the 17" TFT I'm thinking of purchasing.

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