staples printer cartridge 12:10 04 Jun 2003

I am thinking of upgrading my monitor. I cuurentl have a 17" Iiyama which I am quite happy with but fancy a change. The computers is used for the longest periods with games. Question is do I go for a 21/22" CRT or a 17" TFT? An advice would be welcome.

  PA28 13:44 04 Jun 2003

I use (and have done for a year now) a Relysis 15" TFT at home for business, imaging, net and Flightsims (which is about the only game I play - oh, apart from BVE trainsims, and GTA3 and a few others which my son's bought and installed!). I also use a 17"CRT in my office.

Of the two the TFT is far superior (even though this model is at the bottom end of the scale budgetwise) and I have no problems with games. The point about native resolution is important though - most 15" TFTs are set at 768x1032 which most games will accommodate. However 17" TFTs normally have a higher resolution (because the actual pixels are of the same size in a bigger screen area, I guess) which may be a problem.

I would go for TFT everytime - particularly with prices coming down as they are. The particular advantage that I've found (apart from reclaiming my desk) is that I have far less headaches than when using a CRT.

  staples printer cartridge 19:24 05 Jun 2003

Hmm, looks like I willl go for a decent TFT. Thanks everyone

  spuds 19:40 05 Jun 2003

If you are going to purchase a TFT, be a little wary to those with speakers.A friend as recently purchased a AOC TFT,and the speaker sounds are very poor.

  PA28 20:24 05 Jun 2003

Did your Mum and Dad never warn you not to sit too close to the telly at the receiving end of all those electron beams which are radiating outwards through the shadow mask? Any medical men in this forum that can advise whether this (or the crisper definition) is the reason that I find a TFT better, or am I in the wilderness?

  staples printer cartridge 09:32 06 Jun 2003

OK, so I actually just need to pop along to a shop evry night for a fortnight and use a TFT to see what I think????

It is very good to get so many opinions though.


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