sillysoo 11:52 29 Dec 2004

Hi, I use my computer a lot for photographic restoration work and was thinking of changing my crt moniter to a tft to save some space on my desk. would anyone know if tft is as good as, or better than crt for this kind of work. Also I have noticed that for as little as £400 you can buy a whole new system with a tft moniter from Dell, or you can pay £300/£400 just for the monitor, do you think that the Dell deal is a good one?.......Thanks

  Inky 11:59 29 Dec 2004

While my TFT is not colour calibrated, I much prefer to restore photo damage using a TFT rather than a CRT.

I find it easier on my eyes.

  Cook2 12:04 29 Dec 2004

A 15" TFT gives a viewing area not far short of 17" CRT.

If it's a new system you rae after then check click here

you can also check out the TFT's here on the same site click here

Another alternative is to go for a bare bones system, from the same site, and transfer you floppy, hard drive, CD/DVD over.

  bremner 12:07 29 Dec 2004

If you are ding fine art work then the monitor that comes with a £400 Dell system will probably not suit your requirements.

Spending £300 on the monitor alone is much more likely to get you a monitor that does what you require and will not be a disappointment.

Have a look at the PCA review for some pointers click here

  tenplus1 12:10 29 Dec 2004

Check out your local Aldi's store, they are currently selling 15" TFT's for £129, 17" TFT's for £199 and 19" TFT's for £299...

  AndySD 12:32 29 Dec 2004

The main problem with tft is the colour calibration I personally wont yet change to a tft as yet because of this. If you are going that way though do read as many reviews as possable before buying.

  User-324448 13:45 29 Dec 2004

SillySoo Just get one, I too fiddle with photos and used a flat screen LG CRT which is 19 inches its huge. I recently changed to an LG TFT L1710B this although only a 17 inch gives me only half an inch less screen, its not noticable, its far better that the CRT and of course gives me more room for clutter on the desktop and I can confirm that its easy on the eyes, I would not think there is an advantage in getting a larger tft given the much higher cost over a 17 inch. LG are very good

  sillysoo 10:15 30 Dec 2004

Thanks everyone, I will take your advice....

  Stuartli 10:27 30 Dec 2004

Staples is now offering one of its 17in TFTs at £179.

There are pros and cons to TFTs and CRTs. The former take up very little space and you get the claimed screen size. However if the backlight, for instance, packs up then it's an expensive pastime.

A CRT obviously takes up a lot more desk space, but can be configured exactly to requirements and its long term reliability and display consistency standards are far superior.

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