TFT monitors

  Nice Guy 08:48 21 Mar 2003

Hi all,

My mother has asked me to find her a TFT monitor for her pc as she needs the room. Currently she has a 19in CRT. I think going down to a 15 in TFT would be to much of a size change so I was looking for a 17ins one. Looking on the web the difference in price between the 17 and 17 inch TFT's is so big! Does anyone know any cheap(ish) sits to buy these from. The cheapest 17ins i've found so far is £300. can anyone beat this?

  Djohn 10:08 21 Mar 2003

Not the price, no! but I can highly recommend the AOC LM720A 17" monitor, which can be bought for approx £300-00. Excellent value for money. J.

  Qmar 10:28 21 Mar 2003

..from anywhere in particular?

  Djohn 10:57 21 Mar 2003

click here is where I bought mine, payed slightly less as I purchase all my PC equipment from them.

The lowest price I have seen is £299-99 + delivery, think it was on the Pcnecxtday site, Just put the 3w's in front of it.

I went for my local shop, because of the excellent service I have always received from them, and they were only to happy to open the box up in the shop and test out the monitor for me before I bought. Well worth the extra few pounds, and the fact I could bring it home with me, rather than wait.

According to the test on the overclockers site, (who also sell this monitor), the odd one or two people who have found their monitor to have a dead pixel, (Very rare) have contacted AOC direct and been told, "No problem, we will treat it as dead on arrival, brand new one on it's way to you"

Does appear to be good news all round. J.

  Djohn 11:11 21 Mar 2003

click here sorry this is the address for pc nextday! :o(

  Stalker 11:16 21 Mar 2003

Try addons, they got the same monitor for about £40 cheaper click here


  Stalker 11:16 21 Mar 2003

Infact i lie, forgot to add the VAT :) they are £14 dearer!


  Djohn 11:27 21 Mar 2003

They also charge delivery, making it even more!

  Stalker 11:36 21 Mar 2003

Ok Ok :D
Its friday and i wasnt looking properly, then again im like this all week :D


  Djohn 13:46 21 Mar 2003

It's good to know that it's not only me. A couple of weeks back I spent many hours in the forum, spread over a couple of days, constantly refering to replacing a driver for a "Floppy" when the question was refering to a "Modem". :o(

  ekblue 14:18 02 May 2004

Just as an update the 17" AOC OEM LM720 BLACK LCD TFT MONITOR with a 3YR OSW is available from click here for less then £250 inc vat.

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